9:43 PM Winter is still around, even though the days seem to get a little warmer here and then, plus the sun is also showing its beautiful being a little more. 
The cold mornings and icy breezes are something I totally dislike about winter (I mean who likes this?)... But a little star, shining and sparkling brightly, gives me a lot of cooking ideas when the weather is absolutely not on my side. 

Winter screams for stews, soups, and nice things you can simply throw into a pot and let it simmer or bake for a bit. A soup can really be the highlight of anything, don't you agree? 

I am really in the mood for some nourishing broth this week which makes me totally think of a beauitful memory I created in NYC. 
In general, I heavily enjoy broth and all kinds of warm liquids which make me feel healthy and strong. During a cold day in the Big Apple, I had this craving and I wasn't sure where and how to save this "problem", 

I thought the easiest way might be heading to a grocery spot to find some instant broth or such and just see whatever I can get that tastes like a broth...And then I passed Springbone Kitchen

A cute and small place to hang out and eat?!
I liked to cute logo and headed inside. How lucky was I to actually run into the bone broth heaven of NYC? 

Yes, Springbone is the place for super healthy and gluten free food which includes a sexy rainbow of broths and healthy lunches and dinners for every busy NYC bee. 

The Greenwich Village location is tiny and cosy, but it has a very inviting vibe. 
Next to great food like nourishing bowls and a healthy breakfast, there is nothing like this broth selection anywhere else in NYC. 

Chicken, beef, vegan, mushroom, or kimchi broth - dude this is what I am dreaming of! 

I went with a small cup of the spicy vegan broth: seaweed mushroom broth with garlic, turmeric, and hot sauce! 
Say what! 

This combination is the wildest I ever had and oh boy - what an experience! 
This was definitely spicy and more than flavorful! I enjoyed it and it really warmed me up, leaving me with the cosiest feeling! 
When I went back to my hotel, I actually thought of rather staying with a simple broth, since the aftertaste was really strong and longlasting. 

This place is a super nice and beyond sweet for the colder months. 
The  meals are affordable and you can really taste how fresh it is! 
Hang out there for a little bit or grab your bites and broth and hike to Washington Square Park... there's nothing better! 

Get all the vitamins and nourish your body! I will definitely come back, Springbone! 

📍Springbone, Greenwich Village, 90 west 3rd street