New York City, New York, USA

#Treating Myself: Coffee 'N Clothes, NYC

6:45 PM Rushing through the city, I often forget to slow down and just have a cute little moment for myself. I think my favorite time of the day is when I get time to sit down and celebrate a cup of coffee or matcha latte. 

In NYC I always promise myself to test all kinds of cafés... I simply want to treat myself. I can eat pizza 24/7, but what about a good cup of coffee with a nice sweet bite? I'm all in! 

One day, I was again running from A to B, not having any breakfast in my stomach, and I felt a little hangry and stressed. I was in the middle of SoHo when I found this cool café called Coffee 'n Clothes. I actually loved their window and wondered why no one was inside... Good for me, I didn't have to wait a long time to get my drink. 

It's a small and cute place with a really cool and inviting lounge area. I have to admit that I actually never enter hipster places like this, but I was open to try it - I felt pretty comfortable there. 
The barista dude was pretty nice and made me the most delicious latte I ever had in NYC (crazy, right?). While I was waiting for my coffee to be made, I had the option to choose the perfect design finish for my drink. 

Customers can decide what kind of fashion logo they get on their coffee. 
That's the perfect symbiosis of coffee culture and fashion - Coffee 'n Clothes - true to their motto. 

I went with a Nike swoosh and explained the dude that I don't need a Dior or Chanel coffee - I'm not that girly! A woman entering the place was more than excited when she saw my finished art piece. She told me totally take a picture and share this... I laughed, nodded, and sat down in their cosy corner. I took a picture...obviously and enjoyed my first sips of this drink! 

The price was totally okay, but I feel like this place has actually more potential! The drinks are simple, but good. I guess people come for their Instagram pictures and a very special individualized coffee that makes everyone feel like they could afford something designer-ish. 

I get that and I think it's cool.
It's something else.

I left the spot and wondered where I could get the perfect sweet bite to my delicious coffee.
I think I ended up in Chinatown again...

Coffee 'n Clothes, 11 Bond St. New York ($)