8:57 PM Ohhh yeah it's that special time again! It has been too long!
One of my favorite things I love to do in the Big Apple is testing and seeing new places, but even more fun is asking real people: tell me, what do I really need to see while I'm here?

The internet got great tips, don't get me wrong, but NYCers really know their place best.

Asking questions doesn't cost a thing and so far I experienced that many asked people feel special when I ask them about their opinion and they are happy to share any secret or special thing!

My first round of asking strangers was super popular and that's why I'm finally sharing some more today.


LUKE: if you ask me, every place is freaking awesome here! One place I always love to come to is the Public Library. It has a sense of home, great architecture, and if you are not into that you can still enjoy free Wi-Fi.

DAVID: we celebrate every culture and their special food here, so I'd recommend going to  Smogasburg in Brooklyn. Eat yourself through all kinds of countries and continents — the most satisfying food party you will see.

P.: You said you like architecture? Then go and see the Oculus! It's pretty dope and you won't miss it — it's at Ground Zero and massive impressive. It's a train station, but you can also shop in there! The apple store there is pretty cool to hang around.

ANNA: There are places which are too packed, especially with all the tourists here. But to be honest, there are so many more cool spots to hang around and grab a drink and bite.
I love Dr Smood to start my day healthy and nourished.

LAUREEN: Greenwich Village is fantastic for nostalgic NYC vibes. During any season of the year it's just perfect to take a walk there and eat a pizza slice while looking at the cheesy NYC houses. The creative air is also super inspiring!

I loved these tips and I am so thankful that everyone I talked to is so open to share simply anything with me! I shared P.'s tip recently on OFF COLOR and I was happy to see the Oculus live for myself. Really cool!

I definitely have to test all of the above recommendations and actually much more... But I hope that you enjoy those tips and this very special guide so far.

First time visitors or NYC freaks — enjoy this never slepping city!