1:22 PM There are only a handful of ingredients which make me weak and breathe heavily. You can always get me with chocolate... and there's one tiny thing that I love so much right now, I don't even understand why I refused to eat it in the past. I'm talking about pistachios. 
Pistachios never played a big part in my life until I had pistachio ice cream. I was sold. This is until today my favorite ice cream!!! 
I guess as a kid I was too lazy to peel this delicious nut, or I simply didn't appreciate you. 
This changed. 

Now, as an adult and grown-up woman with a beautiful tastebud, I am on the hunt for the sexiest pistachio things on earth. 

Guess how happy I was when I found a very simple, but yet so special recipe for a pistachio bundt cake that somehow changed my life. 

This recipe is of course from no one better than Christina Tosi and her tasty milk bar heaven. The recipe appears in milk bar's "All About Cake" book and somehow I didn't notice the recipe in the beginning...I did the miso curd and chocolate sheet cake which is also in the book for my birthday and somehow I felt like the book is not really giving me many other options. For my birthday last year, I grabbed the book again to see if I missed something special and what can I say. I really missed the pistachio cake! What the hell?? 

I knew this has to be baked. 
Now or never. 

I actually baked this for my birthday together with my mom and we both couldn't stop licking our spoons when we finished the raw dough - that's how good it is. 

The ingredients, especially 11 egg whites kind of shocked us, but man, this cake is not only my favorite now - my whole family looooves it! 

Sorry chocolate cake. 
Pistachio cake might take your throne. 


YOU NEED 260g pistachios + 75g natural oil + 130g neutral oil + 75g heavy cream + 55g corn syrup + 11 egg whites + 260g powdered sugar + 220g flour + 210g almond flour + 150g sugar + 100g pistachio pudding mix + 1 teaspoon baking powder + 9g kosher salt 

1. Heat the oven to 350°F and grease a 12-cup bundt pan (I used a loaf pan which is totally fine, too). 
2. Put the pistachios in a mircowave-safe bowl and warm them up for 30 seconds. We want all the fragrance here so don't skip this step! 
3. In a blender, mix the warm pistachios and 75g oil until you get a smooth paste. 
4. Now whisk the paste together with 130g oil, heavy cream, and corn syrup. 
5. Add the egg whites to the wet ingredients and combine everything evenly.
6. Whisk the powdered sugar, the flour, the almond flour, the sugar, and the pudding mix in a seperate bowl. In Germany I couldn't find pistachio pudding mix, so I used vanilla pudding... Continue stirring and add the baking powder and salt. 
7. Now it's time to mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. Break up all the lumps, but don't overwhisk it! 
8. Pour the batter into the cake pan and bake the bundt cake for about 60-70 minutes. 
9. Let the cake cool in the pan for 45 minutes and then run a small butter knife between the edge of the cake and the pan to help release it. 
10. Serve and eat it or cool it in the fridge - both options are super delicious! 

The recipe actually suggests to add a pistachio glaze on top, but I decided to cover the cake with dark chocolate! This was a dream coming true!! 
When I did the cake for the second time, I left it naked without any glaze - this option is delicious, too! 

What can I say? 
This has to be my favorite cake right now! 
Whenever I feel low or want to treat myself with "dirty" cake, I choose to bake this. So many nuts must be good for my mood and health, right? 🙃

What's your current favorite cake? 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Pistazie — pistachio.