1:10 PM Mental health is a great thing!

Being super anxious, going through a depression, and enjoying the weirdest mood swings, I learned on my way to recovery how important it is to constantly work on my mental health.
No matter how great I feel today, the next day can look totally different. I am happy today, but tomorrow I can suffer from a very bad anxiety attack. 

What will I do then?
Is every attack or bad moment easy to cure and if so do I always approach it the same way?
Or how about a special equipment? Shall I keep something close to me to be always ready no matter what happens?
Questions over questions.

Over the time I tried different things and added them to my "healing or leave it" list. This can be something simple like burning a candle or reading a certain passage in a book which helps me to refocus and find strength.

After a certain time, I collected so many things which matter that I decided to create a special sacred and holy place at my home.

In my bedroom, I decided to create a tiny space which perfectly fits into this already quiet place.
My bedroom consists of a walk in closet and a huge plants corner next to my bed which calms me down and uplifts my spirits whenever I feel low.
In between you find a little night desk — my mental health temple.

I decided to not overload this tiny temple, but I make sure to have all the important stuff around. It's very simple: gather all the equipment that uplifts you or helps you to calm down during whatever attack hitting you. Keep it as close as possible to always be prepared (this is a huge relief already). 
In my case this is: a huge amount of candles, a plant that is soothing for my eye, palo santo and bay leaves which I can burn to remove negative energy, my anxiety and mental health books which I got at the bottom of the table, essential oils and sleep products. 

Let me get into detail for some things I mentioned. Currently, I love to have books by David Burns close to me, because I feel like his therapy ideas are wonderful, so easy, and super healing! (Check out this book here). For essential oils I am always switching things up, but I try to have orange, lavender, pine, and eucalyptus close! Also I am very into smell therapy (does this word even exist?) - but when I experience sleep issues or I don't feel comfortable before going to bed, I love to pamper myself with lotions, sprays, or other things that create the perfect mood. I am not relying on medicine here... my mental health temple supports my senses and sets the right vibe. Check out this collection of products which makes my going to bed ritual so much sexier. 

So far I can say that creating this special and holy corner makes my daily so much easier.
I get actually excited to go to bed earlier and read some words in my favorite books, light a candle, and just smell my favorite lotion on my wrist. 

No matter what time of the day, no matter the situation - I'm prepared and I am so happy to be able to help myself healing with this method. 

Create a mental health corner for yourself, too. You won't regret it! 
Even if you don't struggle with mental health, this kind of luxury treat is something anyone should add to the house! 
Let's heal together!