My Fav 5 Things I Get At Trader Joe's

10:52 PM It's no secret and I don't feel bad saying it out loud here, but I am in love with Trader Joe's. I love you - you wonderful place and heaven of food! 
This is my mecca and my very special destination when I want to dive into the dear food world when I'm in NYC. 
My first Trader Joe's visits were kind of scary and I was shocked that the line for the register basically was going throughout the whole store and I didn't understand the hype.
I was confused, yeah. 
Until I said to myself that I will explore this place a bit further and give it another chance. 
All of a sudden, my shopping bag was full with groceries and I was lost. What did just happen? 
I understood the hype and I was so excited to really understand their products and offer. So many cool things, even if you don't need them. 

Man, NYC is hella expensive, so shopping at Trader Joe's is really a nice way to feel fancy while doing a very suitable grocery spree.

Every time I'm there, I am so impressed how much I get for my money! I explore new things and get excited about every tiny thing they offer! 
Now after a little bit, I have to say that my shopping sprees at Trader Joe's are my absolute highlight during my trip and I make sure to always stock on my favorite products! 
I think I have a little army of products that I swear by, but I am sure that this will definitely change or be upgraded in the future. 
If you ask me about my favorite products from Tader Joe's...I would tell you this. 

1. What I love about Trader Joe's is their baked goods corner where you can get so much bread and tons of the most creative pastry and sweets. Their bakery freshly baked bagels are one of a kind! Suuuuper big, rich, and so soft. The best bagels to start the day ~

2. Man, almond butter is so expensive and I have to say that in Germany it's even harder to grab a jar just like that. The almond butter I tested at Trader Joe's was the first I ever had and I am quiet happy with the taste and consistency! It's really satisfying and just perfect for my baking adventures! I save a lot of $ getting the one at Trader Joe's than spending almost double the price somewhere else.

3. I was on the hunt for something I could snack in between rushing through the city and the pita chips directly caught my eyes. I never tried anything like it and so I invested and fell heavily in love. I didn't know how great pita chips would taste like! I even prefer them over regular chips — that's how amazing they are!

4. I think this buddy started it all, the everything but the bagel seasoning. The hype about this seasoning made me go on a hunt for the next located Trader Joe's to explore this wonderland. I am already a savory bagel fan — this is would be the perfect addition to any dish I thought. I bought one and ever since I have used it in my kitchen for the first time, I understood the hype and was excited to create and explore this beautiful flavor further. Plussss — the price!! It's so cheap!

5. I am totally into hot sauces and sauces in general! Dipping my wings, chips, vegetables, or whatever I am snacking! Let me tell you — extra sauce can be the highlight of any meal sometimes. For baking, I am already an expert when it comes to yuzu — a Japanese citrus fruit, but I never added it to a standard meal! For any chicken recipe or fish tacos, this is it!!!! The yuzu hot sauce!  Tangy, spicy, and such a sexy flavor! I don't want to miss this in my pantry, plus I am gifting this to anyone, because I feel like everyone has to try it, too!

I bet some of you Trader Joe's fans out there are reading the list, thinking that I forgot to mention the most important thing... I knowwww - there's a lot we can choose and deciding what's inside a top 5 feels more than wrong!
I bet very soon my favorites list will change or at least expand - I'm always looking forward to test new releases or products, so my mouth is definitely on a very exciting journey.

I'd be interested to see what your favorite products are! What product has to be in your shopping cart no matter what else is on your shopping list?