12:19 PM In New York City there's always something special going on! Throughout the city one celebrates tons of cafes, new restaurants, exhibitions, and here and then great new monuments are being built as well.
This place really never sleeps!
One perfect example would be this very special tip I got!
I should go and see the Oculus — a spectacular piece of art, a train station, and a shopping mall — oh yeah, why not?

Located in Lower Manhattan at the One World Trade Center and Ground Zero, one can not miss this creation.
My first impression was that the Oculus reminds me of a skeleton of a whale or something really big... It really impressed me!
Even if you don't come for the fun inside, the outside appearance is worth a visit!

Being a great transportation spot which connects the islands and cities around Manhattan with Lower NYC, this is a really nice experience. Inside you won't be disappointed.

Many shops and long ways to walk, which is necessary, because the amount of tourists can be crazy on certain days.
Relax in the middle of this skeleton on a landscape of design-ish lounge chairs or go crazy and shop!
From high luxury brands like Breitling and Dior, one can also grab a coffee or a bite to eat and visit chains like &other stories, H&M, or Sephora.
If this is still not enough for you, there's also a two story Apple store with anything one could ask for.
What a beautiful thing this Oculus...

I experienced a little panic attack while walking around, because sometimes people just stress me too much, but other than that I had a blast there and I was happy to explore this!

As I already mentioned, this is place is great for people who love architecture and taking pictures, but it's not a must to go there!
If you happen to be around Tribeca, Lower Manhattan, and the One World Trade Center, then you should put this on your list, too!
Shop and eat a little and come as early as possible ✌🏼

The Oculus, 130 Liberty Street