Hi, Let's Be More Human

8:07 PM Happy New Year! Happy 2020, lovebirds!

I hope your new year started well and you feel good!
Doesn't matter if you celebrated like crazy or watched a movie all by yourself just like I did.

Let's take this new year, new decade, as a new chance to share light and especially love to have good vibes throughout the year. For you and the people around you.

I don't want us to be happy every day, but I want us to understand about the things that matter in life and also that it is okay to have a bad day and cry.

Is this the year of feeling?
The year of creating a closer connection to oneself?
Is this the year of dedication and love?
It can be anything.
It will be all of that and more.

I don't believe in resolutions, but I still like to work on some goals...
One of my personal mottos this year will be honesty, blunt honesty. I will be showing even more of me than I did before here... In terms of anxiety and mental health, I have so much more to say and there won't be any limits.
I know some of you will love it, others don't.
Some will need this — I am one of those.
Share this if you know someone who could use this!

This society has become awkward in so many things — social behavior, (emotional) intelligence, and values.
Today (I can only speak from my perspective), people don't show their feelings openly, they feel weak as soon as they open up — being vulnerable and "a loser" when one admits to have emotions. Of course we all have emotions and feelings, even if we hide them from the outside world — remember that!
One person is better at ignoring feelings, they don't know how to deal with them, and others feel them way too harsh — those people get criticized being too sensitive and emotional (hi, that's me).
The whole planet is full with emotions, feelings, vibes, and energies — you are allowed to deal with them.

It's time to take care of our bodies. Healing from inside out  — emotional and physical detox. Don't wait too long, start right now. Get rid of people who steal your energy and leave a toxic taste in your mouth. You don't need those people to be happy! Don't be too harsh here on yourself — your life, your rules — as long as you feel good ✌🏼.

You know what I told myself 100 years ago? I live by a motto which I never dismissed or denied. I won and lost friends because of it, but I know that I stayed true to myself. I stayed real. Always. Never be something else just to be liked. I perfected this from early on.

There are so many little things one can practice right now or begin thinking about when you leave your home and interact with the world outside. Be nice to the people around you and never forget to be nice to yourself (we tend to be our biggest critics!).

The world feels so much better when things flow easily with no stress and unnecessary worries. Don't strive for perfection — this takes too much of your energy and you will feed your anxieties just more! Let the day happen! It will all work out fine... Go outside and let the universe decide what happens. If mistakes come your way, don't be frustrated and hate yourself. 
Mistakes need to happen! They can be good signs, even if we don't see the good! Mistakes bring growth along and we become even stronger and smarter! 

Please accept your bad and weak days. You are only human... things can happen and you can't be able to control the whole planet! Allow your bad days to stay for a little - let those clouds release their rain and move on! 

No matter what situation you are in, remember that life goes on. It's so simple! Take a deep breath and never forget to smile! 
With a little empathy and a lot of self-love, and motivation, we can make this awkward planet a more human planet again! 
Less judging, less pain, less hate - why waiting until tomorrow, when we can start the change now and work on this issue?
We are in this together! 

Happy healing!