Fried Okra Is Everything I Need Right Now.

9:14 PM For Christmas I wanted something really special and planned way ahead that I wanted to add something creative, new, and easy for my family and our international Christmas table. We don't celebrate the usual German Christmas - we either way mix all our favorites and a plenty of American classics together into something holy and so special. 
To explore my dear American cuisine a bit further, I knew I wanted to add a little side dish will be secretly be the star of the evening. 

During a tiny shopping through my favorite Turkish supermarket where I love to get fresh mint every two weeks, I discovered okra and thought why not. 
I actually never had okra before, because I have never seen them at any German supermarket. I was excited and creative-wise already in wonderland - I had many ideas what to do with them. 

Since my sister wanted a meat-free Christmas, I decided to create a treat which she would enjoy the most (me, too). Fried okra, everyone! Yaaaaaas. 

I never knew that this recipe might be my new dear favorite for all the future Christmas celebrations... but but but! Yo, let me tell you! This is a dream! 


YOU NEED 1/2 Cup corn meal + 1/2 Cup flour + 1 teaspoon garlic + 1/2 teaspoon paprika + 1/4 teaspoon pepper + 1/4 Cup buttermilk + 10 okras and surely more if you cook for big crowds (double the batter then!) + oil for frying 

1. Wash the okras and cut them into bite sizes. 
2. Add the okras to a small bowl with buttermilk to let them soak and get sexy. 
3. Meanwhile, mix the batter all together in one big bowl - the bigger the better, it might get a little messy. 
4. Once everything is set, heat the oil in a pot over medium heat. Make sure to fill half of the pot to have enough space for the okra to fry and swim. 
5. The oil heats up super fast, rather do this on a lower heat level, so nothing burns too fast and your kitchen will smell better during the process. 
6. Once you see little bubbles coming up inside the oil pool, toss the buttermilked okra bites through the flour batter and throw them into the oil. Let them cook until they get cripsy and super golden (2-3 minutes). 
7. Repeat the process: throw in some bites, let them cook, fish them out, and dry them on a paper towel. 
8. You can either way serve them like this, or you can also hand a fresh dip or hot sauce to have a perfect bite experience! 

Did I promise you too much? 
Christmas might be over, but I am still in the mood for this awesome snack or side dish! Easy, fast, and so delicious! 
Ever had okra? But you never fried them? Go ahead - it's time to get to know this miracle! And don't be scared - okra actually tastes like green beans, so nothing crazy or extravaganza which you might like to dismiss before even trying. 
What are you cooking this year? Excited to try new stuff? 
Well I am! 

Happy cooking to y'all! 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: frittiert — fried.