3:45 PM In my last post about mental health, I was already teasing about this post. 

I am honest. The last year, I was having a new wave of mental health issues coming my way. Some days were easy, others were hard af.
I've got mental health issues for a longer time. I'm "used" to my depression, my mood swings, my anxiety, and whatever is stopping me sometimes living a "normal" life. 
The journey has been a long one and there are days where I feel like I conquered it and I understand my triggers and fears...5 minutes later I get frustrated again. 

I accept this and take each day as it comes, but to be honest...I reached a point where I'm like: damn, can this pass now and just leave me alone forever? 

I told you in that last post that I wanted to take January as a sort of cleansing month! Stopping with certain patterns, saying no to toxic energies, and really just focus on me and my healing! 
I put myself first this year. I say this often, but I really have to learn to say no to so many things and people, even if they don't understand my wish. 
If my healing is not making me feel better this year, I am a little bit worried, to be honest. 

To groove very smoothly into this transition, I got myself two books from David Burns. His books sounded pretty good and I was ready to read something new (oh boy, I read a lot of mental health tings...). I started with his book "Feeling Good" and then continued with "When Panic Attacks". Of course I had certain thoughts before reading them, but after I finished the first book, I was in love.

I couldn't believe how great David Burns is. I don't know this guy personally, but the way he is writing was totally speaking to me! 
It's honest, real, pure, and inspiring! 

During the readings, I told myself several times: I am not awkward and not a sick freak (my mind is really mean) - I breathed in all of his words and realized that healing is really something I can achieve. There's no need to feel bad about one's mental health - it's all about understanding ourselves and fact is that we have to get to know us and our problems. 

Denying is not working.
Lying is not working. 

With "When Panic Attacks", I felt like the champ mastering anxiety and understanding how to dig in deeper. With thousands of examples and more like a workbook, this book doesn't wait for too long and invites us to change our perspective. We get to be the therapist and learn to analyze other people's issues. 
What did I learn? So many people out there suffer! Everyone is scared of something, everyone is going through something, everyone is not 100% happy nor perfect! This is just not possible! 

With all of the great techniques to understand myself, I decided to continue being my own therapist. 
I got myself a fresh notebook (yesss, because I love journals and words) and decided to write down every tiny thing I could learn from David Burns. 

I got my very special appointment with myself on Sundays. I turn off my cell phone and turn on my Sonos speaker. I give myself one hour to sit down and cry it out, scream, or just talk to myself. Then I take my notebook and write down what I learned this week, what I will do better and how I'm feeling. Depending on my mood and how bad I feel, I am checking what method I could apply from David Burns and afterwards I have to say I really feel better,

With my own personal therapy on Sundays, I can decide my own pace of healing and I can truly get to know myself. 

This sounds like fun, but it's also hard work - you shouldn't underestimate that! 
But all in all, I am happy to have started this! 
I hope that this is the perfect tool for my healing and I can't wait to share more of my progress and experiences! 

We can surely exchange if you have questions! But until now, read my words again and think about if this would be a great idea and exercise for you as well! 

Happy healing!! ✨