10:36 AM I actually wanted to sit down and create a special mix for you and me to start off the year right...I'm honest, I couldn't do it. Physically I didn't feel well enough.

Music is therapy for me and no matter how I feel, I need it to survive.
This could be me dancing to some A Tribe Called Quest, because I feel so happy or some Jazz and slow jams to which I can cry and just let go — this is were I might dig a little too deep and just experience another crisis even though the cause of this might be as tiny and boring as possible.

So there I was this month.
Trying to survive and just staying on track. Somehow.
Oh yeah, music saved me a lot the last weeks and I am more than thankful.

A new mix will definitely come very soon.
But until then I believe that we can vibe together on Spotify with a very special playlist.

I want us to have a good time and just vibe it out.
I wish we could just let go of what frustrates us so much, but that's how life works.
No matter in what circumstance you find yourself right now, know that you are allowed to cry and feel!

Take it day by day.