This Playlist Is For You, Sagittarius!

10:16 PM What season is better than Sagittarius season? 
Thank you, next.
Oh yeah, people have different opinions about Sagittarius love birds — you hate or love them.
Honest and blunt people with a little too much energy and an urge to see and save the world.
I know we can be a lot.
Yes, I am a Sag and I have to admit that I am so proud to call me one. I think there is no other sign that would suit me better.

And each season I celebrate that.

I celebrate my season — a season of personal growth, many reflections, and pure + fresh energy to continue conquering the world.

I celebrate fellow Sagittarius friends and I encourage you to do the same with your time of the year.
It's my birthday today. Yaaaaas ~
....and I would actually be treating you with a new mix very soon. 
I thought of something new. Kinda.
I want to celebrate extra hard this month (maybe because a decade comes to an my birthday is here) and that's why we enjoy this funky Sagittarius playlist right now together — dive right in!

Sorry for using the word funky, ha. 
This goes out to you, Sag. 

I hope you like some chill vibes with a little extra! This playlist suits every Sag and every wannabe Sag, haha!