This Is The Only Gift Guide You Need

7:22 PM As soon as the holidays approach, I tend to get a little annoyed when I see all the blogs and websites sharing their "very special" Christmas guides.
I'm not innocent either, I did the same in the past. It's one of the posts that is important to get some extra cash as a freelancer... I get it.
But still I'm annoyed.
That's why I decided for me to not create thousands of guides anymore...
Especially the people who preach about sustainability and buying less should lead by example! 

How come we share so much about mindful shopping and that we should really focus on the things that benefit us, but in the next moment we encourage our friends and family to invest in this and that?

Just because...We don't even think about if anyone can afford it or not.
(Well the gift guides get beyond crazy, because every tiny affiliate link means $$$)
Don't throw your principles away during the holidays! I wish for more authenticity and a fair Christmas season.
I think I said this in the past already.
I want less shopping guides, I want to read stories.
If you share a shopping guide then please feature your vision and beliefs in there.

That's the reason why I want to share my very last gift guide with you today which will hopefully last for the next 10 years — because we don't need more. We just need the right things.
No more blah blah — that's it.

OFF COLOR stands for sustainability, a healthier lifestyle, wellness, and well-being.
On this wishlist you won't find a Chanel bag, I would rather donate my money.
Getting older means getting wiser. That's why I care about stuff that doesn't necessarily benefit me, but others.

Let's check MY very perfect OFF COLOR gift guide.

Sonos soundsystem/speaker: because a Sonos is always the best idea to gift to someone you love or yourself! I don't regret a single moment – I'm having the time of my life with this sound genius.

Donation: many people don't know what to give around the holidays. Don't stress too much! I always put a little money aside to donate it to different charities or organizations. I support charity water, trees for the future, and I even donate to the parks of NYC.

Straws: the movement is still strong! Being sustainable is a trend right now (I'm happy about it more or less) and many companies offer sustainable straws in all kinds of materials: bamboo, silicone, metal, glass. They are cheap and good for our planet — everyone can use them!

Porcelain things: Because we like our home to look beautiful! Buy special mugs or dinner plates which will make early breakfasts or dinners feel like a royal get-together. Many people are intrigued by interior design and as a grown up, things like that make us happy!

Tea — not tea bags: it's the time to slow down and enjoy the time with our loved ones. What fits better here than a special tea? My favorite winter memory was when my mom came home with a special fruit tea blend that we only drank during Christmas time — my highlight.
If you consider buying tea, go for loose tea, since the flavor is much better and teabags are often not very sustainable and not good for your health (you are drinking microplastic here).

Travel supply: I am always on the run and I love me some beautiful travel essentials. My favorite go-to is my beautiful Patagonia bag: I collect all sizes and I started to fall in love with their toiletry bags. If you know someone who could use things like that, invest in a brand which creates useful pieces with a lot of function and green material!

Stasher bag: my collection gets bigger and bigger! I love me some stasher bags and I want them in all the colors! This lunchbag is so versitile and good for my green heart!

Pen: when was the last time you gifted a very personal gift to someone? I think a pen is always a nice idea to give away! The perfect gift for a creative person. I like to gift this mechanical pencil from Lamy! Sooo freaking good!

Notebook: let's stay on this creative and personal wave. I could always use a notebook for sketching, writing down budgets, or just gathering thoughts. Some companies also offer special engraving — why not?

Food: if you want to show love, but all the ideas frustrate you, try food! Bake some cookies or special treats your special people will love and appreciate a lot. I can never say no to food!

Gifting doesn't mean fancy stuff only and fancy doesn't mean expensive.
Keep your eyes open while shopping! 
Refuse thousands of shopping bags and all the unnecessary wrapping — there a great sustainable alternatives to wrap, for example with a cloth, the Japanese way.

Again, Christmas doesn't need to mean stress and I want you to enjoy the holidays to the fullest!
Take it easy! Don't be too hard on yourself!

I know you will find the perfect gift!
Stay balanced and take a deep breath!

Merry Christmas!
Frohe Weihnachten!