8:53 PM Each year, when the holidays approach, I am more than excited to eat classic and traditional food which gives me the warmest feeling of home and comfort.
What would Christmas be without a turkey? What would Christmas be without juicy dumplings or as the Germans say "Knödel"?
The vibe would be so different.

But getting older, it also tingles in my fingers to upgrade or pimp a classic that so many don't like or ignore on a full table of soul and loving food.
This year I am giving this upgrade my dear brussels sprouts

Ewww — yummy? Which team are you?
My relationship with brussels sprouts is a very neutral one. I don't hate them, but I also wouldn't jump happily around if someone makes them for me. I appreciate them as a very special member of our holiday celebration and since we should eat more seasonal, we shouldn't forget vegetables like this for our Christmas dinner.

One thing people don't think of when making brussels sprouts is how to make them really sexy.
Just cooking them is not the deal.
It's the ingredients we add.

When making brussels sprouts, think of garlic and lemons, or bacon, balsamic vinegar, or my favorite: maple syrup.

Now to not stress you with a brussels sprouts recipe you are not 100% sure of, I am showing something easy which can be enjoyed in a couple of minutes!

Brussels sprouts hummus!
Your guests will feel snacky, offer them the perfect dip for chips and veggies.
I swear this is the best veggie hummus combination I ever had!


YOU NEED 200g brussels sprouts + one can chickpeas + 3-4 tablespoons maple syrup + a few drops of lemon juice + sea salt flakes + 3 tablespoons oil + black pepper 

1. Make this as easy as possible. No overnight soaking, no crazy extras. Precook the brussels also!
2. Cook the brussels sprouts in a pot with salted water until they get soft and beautifully green. Remove them from the heat and let them cool down in the strainer. Put the cooked brussels sprouts in an air tight container and put them into the fridge.
3. Free the chickpeas from all the liquids and put them into a blender together with some oil.
4. Mix for a few seconds to let the ingredients get to know each other. 
5. Take out the brussels sprouts and cut them into halves to make mixing easier. Add them to the oily chickpeas and mix until you get a creamy consistency. If you like your hummus nice and chunky, feel free to mix it not until fluffy and creamy, but rather look out for tiny chunks and bits.
7. Add a few drops of lemon juice and infuse the maple syrup.
8. After blending, it's time to taste. Need a little extra? Add the salt and pepper and taste one more time. If you feel like you need a little more sweetness, feel free to surely add more maple syrup! *I like to add a little cumin and anise at the end, because I feel like this makes the hummus even more outstanding! 
9. Serve the hummus right away or put it back to the fridge to let it sit for a little bit. 

Who says hummus is super boring? 
And who would have thought of brussels sprouts being the perfect addition to this hummus? It's a beautiful symbiosis and I know that no one is expecting this kind of treat at a Christmas celebration. 
Surprise your guests and create new family traditions like this. 

Happy and merry cooking!


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