This Christmas, Give A Little

10:28 PM Merry Christmas you wonderful lovebirds. I hope you are enjoying a sweet holiday with lots of good food and smiley faces. I know this holiday is not something for everyone and I bet there are just as many sad people out there as happy people - it can be a tough time. Know that you are not alone and you can make it :) 

I love Christmas and I am also struggling to handle my mental health this year during the cheerful times. I am distracting myself with things that make me happy or at least my heart... this keeps me away from eating too many cookies and feeling miserable. 

A thing that cheers me up no matter how sad or low I feel is reading and learning about charities and projects that can help make the world a better place. 

I want to deepen this topic a bit further soon, because I actually wanted to stay offline during Christmas... 

Today, I am sharing these few words to let you know that if you feel stuck around these holidays or you are looking for a special last minute gift, or you just want to end this year with a perfect ending: donations are always a good option! 

We underestimate how much impact we can have. 
There are tons of good charities and organizations which need our support! 
Let's take this celebration of love to give back and spread even more love. 

My dearest charity of 2019 is Trees For The Future and I hope you can support me supporting a great idea to spread sustainability and a healthy future for African farmers. 

Get to know more about Trees For The Future and make your holidays just as special as mine with a little donation. 

*In NYC someone gifted me this lavender and I carried it many blocks with me, smelling it, and smiling big - appreciating Mother Nature to the fullest. Give this feeling to all the people around the globe!