Okay, Can We Spend The Holidays Healthy Somehow?

7:48 PM Every Christmas and holiday season, a certain anxiety comes up...I think everyone knows that feeling of being "scared" of too much food and sugary treats during the most satisfying season. Diets are being crashed and the fear of missing out makes us consume even more.
Don't get me wrong. Treating yourself during the holidays is nothing bad! Too much food is up to you, but if you know yourself and you regret your food coma in January, there are easy ways to prevent bad feelings and extra kilos.

The holidays don't need to be strict or full of bad feelings — it's all about having a smooth plan.

1. Eat in small portions throughout the day to actually enjoy more which keeps your energy levels steady
2. More veggies is a must during the holidays and I'm not talking about mashed potatoes. Add crunchy and green veggies to your plate to keep you healthy and as a plus they help fill you up faster
3. Drink enough H2O!! Hydration is so important during the heavy holidays! Always keep your water bottle close!
4. Not too much alcohol and if so, drink enough water in between to dismiss a beautiful hangover in the next morning
5. Find healthier alternatives — this starts in your Christmas bakery, for example using Greek yogurt or apple sauce instead of heavy butter.
6. Eat mindful: think about the stuff you put on your plate. Do you really have an appetite for it? Also make sure to not offer too many dishes and too much of everything, because this makes you eat even more.
7. Include an extra workout if you are scared to feel heavy and bloated! Go running or kill a nice HIIT session to feel energized and ready for all the nice treats. Who doesn't like little booster?
8. Eat until you are happy and satisfied, not full. No overeating, please.
9. All meals matter: please breakfast in the morning before you overeat yourself later the day. As I said small meals throughout the day are the key.
10. Don't eat too late. Late night turkey, gravy, and lots of startchy products is not the key to a peaceful sleep!

These are just small tips to read and maybe apply during your special season of the year.
I like to test myself each year and it feels like my cravings are always winning.
Writing this list down this year, I feel like I can escape from my food coma and feeling bloated forever. I have no problem with treating myself, but knowing that there's also a healthy way that supports our bodies makes me feel secure.

I enjoy this season step by step.
But I will listen to my body, too.
A gift from me to myself.