New York Story #42: My First Rugelachs Experience

5:33 PM Even before OFF COLOR, I had a big crush on food and recipes. My cooking skills were beyond terrible and my nutrition wasn't balanced, too, but food was something that made my world turn. I can be a gourmet, but I also love enjoying the juciest bacon cheeseburger.

Taking care of my mental health and my body, I studied more about food and all of a sudden it was natural to me to cook and honestly prepare mad good dishes. It was also pretty normal to me to talk more food on OFF COLOR — sharing some traditional recipes, things that make me happy, or demonstrating my journey — I am living in my kitchen now :)
I have never thought that food would make me so happy, but I am glad to be making these experiences.
It brings me so much joy that I want to share this joy with you all! Because there might be someone out there who celebrates food as much as I do. There might be someone who dreams of going to a certain place or trying a certain dish — I might have tested it and now we can share this experience and inspire each other.

Building a food community and sharing simply love.

Now that the holidays are approaching, I am taking it slow, enjoying my meals and just cooking my heart out. That's why the perfect holiday story for this Christmas is the story of my first rugelachs experience in NYC.
Christmas is a celebration of love and this baby here was my true love!

Studying food, I learned a lot about my culture and where my favorite food comes from! As a German, my kitchen and taste is highly inspired by Jewish cooking. That's why everytime I'm in NYC, I need to visit Jewish places and especially bakeries.
I read about a dessert that is sweet, chocolatey, and super delicious — rugelachs.
I have no idea what this exactly means, but I needed to have it.

Talking so much about food, I know it's my duty to share the nice and also best places I find throughout the city. I didn't want to test a rugelachs at a low-key bakery, my first rugelachs should be the best I will ever taste.

Google told me to test Breads Bakery at Union Square.
I listened to Google and hiked one early August morning to Union Square, since I wasn't sure how many rugelachs they were offering and how many people would go crazy (as they said online). When I got there, I saw many people walking in and out — it seems to be a quiet popular place for the early NYC working birds.
And how pretty it looked. A touch of modern with a traditional appearing bakery set-up. The smell that gathers in the street with every time the door opens is amazing and so inviting.
I finally needed to get in there.

Rugelachs, here I come.
As soon as I entered, they jumped right into my eyes and I couldn't be more excited! There was plenty of good stuff waiting for me to be tested, but I wanted to dedicate this day to my new friend.
They offered a veeery chocolate rich rugelachs in a size of 5cm — a sweet bite.
They all looked perfectly alike. At least 20 so very elegant and beautifully shaped tiny croissants - that's how they look like, but they are not to be compared with a croissant.
I decided to go with 2 rugelachs first. A big regret, as I later noticed.

The lady laughed when I told her how happy I was! She smiled, handed me the rugelachs and I hurried to the next Starbucks get my matcha latte. As I came across Washington Square Park, I couldn't resist my good smelling bag anymore. It smelled as if I carried warm Nutella with me.
Rich chocolate with a slight nutty and silky feeling. Intense.
Really deep.
This is serious food talk here.

I ate my beloved rugelachs in under 2 minutes. I told myself to slow down and enjoy every bite, but once the chocolate filling comes in contact with your tongue and gum, there's no turning back.
I didn't expect this to be so soft and chewy, but as I said, this is not a croissant!
Imagine the dough being enhanced with some yogurt to make it light and fluffy.
And then comes this delicious and intense filling. This is why I love Jewish baking goods so much.

I admit Breads Bakery is a wonderful place to have the first rugelachs of your life! The internet was not wrong about this chocolate experience, but I also read about pistachio 
Okay New York, now tell me where the heck do I find this love?

Give me a moment... I'm continuing testing.
I'll be back.