New York Story #41: Gift Shopping Has Never Been Easier #ThankstoSTORY

8:57 AM Being in NYC during Thanksgiving, I thought this is the best time for me to go and get some special gifts for Christmas time. I mean this is NYC - I will definitely find the best things here. 

Okay, but where do I start? 
The offer is so big that I was a bit overwhelmed where to start. 
I took a walk up to 34th street and just wanted to get inspired by doing some window shopping first. 
*I mean...the Christmas windows at Macy's just make me melt... mhhhh, sweet Christmas time.

It has to be something special for dad, something nice for mom, and something cool for my sister. 
I kept on walking until I reached Macy's at Harold Square. 
I have always loved Macy's. 

As I walked in I felt a tiny anxiety, since this place was packed and I couldn't believe how crazy stressed everyone looked like. Issa vibe... 
My eyes dropped to the floor when I saw their special Christmas installation: the STORY set up at the very back of the shopping house! I totally forgot! 

I read about STORY being inside of Macy's a couple of weeks ago and I was so excited to explore this, since I have seen this special store doing such great things in the past. 
A one of a kind retail experience that changes its themes over times and gives us customers the chance to get to know all the great artists and small businesses. 

The changing mood and themes are so good to offer the customer the right vibes and a rainbow of choices (which makes shopping so much easier and more fun). 

I love this concept, but somehow I never made it to STORY personally. 
Now the time has come to explore their "Home For The Holidays" theme and I couldn't be more excited!! 

Let me tell you. You don't need to be scared to not find anything there, because basically they got everything you are looking for.
The place is divided into different rooms with different themes, so you either way seek inspiration at every special decorated place, or you head straight to the motive that triggers your eye and screams "yes, buy me!!". 

I took a walk through the whole set to not miss out on anything. 
Tiny gifts that you can bring to fun dinners, stocking offers, a man cave that focuses on ANYTHING a man, dads, and bfs need, or my favorite; the NYC corner that offers the best stuff that can be gifted as a special souvenir or for the NYC fan at home whom feels homesick. 
Again: the offer is huuuuge. 

I am so happy to have finally seen this great retail experience and I can't wait to see their next theme. 

Bring your naughty and nice list and be the favorite Santa of the year with the gifts you can buy at STORY! 

Happy Christmas shopping season! ~ 

STORY at Macy's, Herald Square, 151 W 34th St