Dem Basics: Turkey Stock #NoWasteChristmas

7:43 AM Is your kitchen starting to smell fantastic? The holidays are approaching and I can't wait to be eating and having the time of my life, haha. One thing I love about this massive food offer is that there's plenty of imagination and ideas to create even more meals after the big food coma. Leftovers and the perfect ingredients to experience a wonderful waste-free Christmas. 

Have you ever thought about the food waste we create around the holidays? 
I never really thought about it much until I studied my mother's kitchen. There was so much we could actually use further after Christmas Eve cooking, I felt bad throwing it away or not seeing another use of it. I bet this scenario is happening in many kitchens... 

One thing my mom and I took immediately care of was further working with the turkey ingredients. I asked my mom last year if we could cook a turkey stock out of the turkey carcass we had leftover and she was in love with the idea to throw every (kinda) leftover we had in the pot. 

Let me tell you. A freshly cooked stock is sooo good - you can't say no to this! 
And let's get busy!


YOU NEED 1kg turkey wings or thighs (or your leftover turkey carcass from your fancy dinner) + garlic + 2 cellery sticks + 1 leek + 2 carrots + 1 onion + 2-3 bay leaves + a bit of fresh parsley + pepper + 2-3l water 

1.  Easy peasy, quickly done - no worries, you can hang out on the couch in a few minutes. Get out a huge pot, fill it with 2l of water and put it over medium heat. 
2. Add the turkey carcass or fresh turkey thighs and wings, the garlic, cellery, leek, carrots, onion, bay leaves, and parsley.
3. If you see too many ingredients and no liquid, make sure to fill in some more water! 
4. Turn up the heat to make the pot get hot and let the stock cook for 7-10 minutes to spread a little flavor. 
5. Turn down the heat and let the stock now slowly simmer to later enjoy all the benefits. 
6. After 2 hours, you can check the broth and taste it. Add a little pepper and also salt if you feel like it. 
7. Put the stock away from the heat and let it cool down for a couple of minutes. Remove the carcass and all the extras and pour the stock through a strainer to get rid of a every tiny bit. 
8. Now let the stock fully cool down and then put it in the fridge or fill it into boxes which you can keep in the freezer. 

Are you still saying no to a home-cooked and actually free turkey stock?
Be a little mindful on Christmas. 

Think about how much food you really need and if you happen to have plenty of leftovers, get creative, before throwing them away!

A turkey stock is the best beginning and actually a big win :) 

Merry Christmas and happy food coma!