Dem Basics: Cranberry Sauce

9:45 PM Ever since I was a kid, I think the reason why I loved the holidays so much was the food and cooking.
I couldn't wait to be in the kitchen and help my mom out!
The older I got, my mom got more annoyed with cooking so many dishes and creating the same things each year, while I am getting even more excited!

I watched my mom cooking anything, the basic stuff, and the dishes with the stars behind — très chic. I told myself that one day I will be able to cook just as great as my mom and that's why it's important to learn it all early.
Just like everyone else I have been learning and studying the basics first.
(The basics are the best anyways...)

I haven't tried a lot of cranberry sauce in my life, but the one my mom does is a dream and my absolute favorite.

It's so good and I'm happy that this is an element of Christmas and the holidays which anyone can recreate.
Yup, it's that easy.


YOU NEED 300-340g cranberries + 3/4 Cup sugar + 1 Cup water + 1 tablespoon orange zest + 50ml orange juice + optional a pinch of cinnamon 

1. This recipe is so easy, because it's a lazy and so simple creation. 
2. Combine all the ingredients except the orange juice together over medium heat in a sauce pan. 
3. Watch the cranberries cook and finally pop and turn into a jammy consitency - this can take up to 10 to 15 minutes. 
4. Make sure to stir frequently to not let anything stick on the bottom. 
5. Finally, taste the sauce. Need a little extra orange kick? Add the orange juice! If you are crazy about orange juice, feel free to add more! 
6. Turn down the heat and let the cranberry sauce sit for a couple of minutes. You can either way serve it right away or you let it fully cool down to freeze it for a later event. 

Mama knows best and I am already getting excited to eat my mom's cranberry sauce this Christmas! Even better is cranberry sauce the day after Christmas when you throw it on some turkey sandwiches or you enjoy a fancy French toast with tangy cranberry vibes! 
What would we do without cranberries this season? 

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Weihnachten — christmas.