A Place That Inspired My Love For Food Even More: Dean & DeLuca

4:29 PM Exploring New York, I was really into some fancy spots in the beginning. Heading straight to the things which were recommended online and people took the prettiest pictures outside - I mean, come on... it's NYC.
But then, I no longer started to follow these things, because they didn't make me happy.
I would rather spend my worthy hours staring at cookware and porcelain things at Muji.

New York wouldn't be NYC without it's cool restaurants, delis, bodegas, cafes, or simply food shops. Food is everywhere!!!

One place I always had a huge amount of respect of was Dean & DeLuca.
I always passed the SoHo location telling myself that one day I will be brave enough to head in there. This place looks like I need $27 for an apple... I loved the vibe (even though I'm not anymore into anything fancy), but somehow it intrigued me ever since my first solo trip to NYC. I never heard about it, never knew anyone who went there – I didn't even know what fascinated me, but every time I passed, I observed who went in and who came outside. Even as an outsider, one could understand that this was a very luxiourius destination for food lovers and the gourmets who love to spend $27 for an apple.

It took me 700 years to finally have the balls to just go in there and finally discover this mecca of food and good taste.
I said to myself that if someone asks me what I am doing or looking for, I will say that I am looking for a special birthday gift for my sister....I just didn't want to embarrass myself. 

I walked in, right before me a well dressed NYC gentlemen and I was hiding right in his shadow. He looked like a meat gourmet — I saw him in my head standing at the butcher's corner talking about all different types of pigs and the wonderful bruschuto he used to eat when he was a Bambino back in Italy. Yeah, a bit too much, but you get my point.
I finally took a couple of steps with my own shadow following me. I was really impressed.

The marble floor and the many bright lights made this place such a royal and extra special place! The interior is not crazy or extravagant as one might think... A lot of silver shelves that anyone of us could have in the kitchen to staple pantry things. Furthermore one starts to get a little nervous or excited — time to feel like a rich New York fellow.
Oils, seasonings, gifts, cheese and meat, soups and sandwiches – they got plenty of everything.

My heart was nervous.
I had to stop at the seasonings corner. I love cooking and having all kinds of blends and spices in my own kitchen. Studying all of their products, my heart fell heavy for food and and even greater food packaging — story telling right into my belly.

I took a Christmas seasoning home with me and decided to take another walk inside, because I wanted some more inspiration and just enjoy this moment.
I don't know what it was, but it was the perfect first visit.
Maybe it wasn't really the offer. Maybe it was the tiny spark which created so much light in this moment. The staff was more than sweet and I had a lovely conversation with an Arabic employee who loved to share his favorite food and cooking tips with me. 
When I left, the spark went off, leaving the best memory in my head. I stepped out of the door and smiled.
I smiled to finally have made this experience. 

My own Dean & DeLuca experience. A traditional and old NYC fairytale which I want to last just as long as possible for the NYC people.

Because this place is not only a home of food and good stuff, but also community and family.
Thanks for inspiring me!