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New York Story #40: Today I'm Thankful For Milk Bar And The Most Delicious Thanksgiving Croissant

11:27 AM It's Thanksgiving and a wonderful day to feast and enjoy all the good food! Thanksgiving is not only about great company and enjoying the most delicious meal of the year, but also it's about being grateful and taking a moment to appreciate the things we got and the health we bring to the table. 
I personally want to take a second and express my gratefulness for one special thing this year. 
Sorry. But it has to be something food related, haha. I just can't hide it... 

Milk Bar, your Flagship opening made me so damn happy and also I can't believe that you guys created the actual best Thanksgiving dinner ever!

Yes, you read that right. If you don't want to cook the next year or you need something ASAP, because everything burned, run to your next Milk Bar and get your hands on the Thanksgiving croissant! Oh My God. Thisssss is life!!! 

I went to the newly opened Flagship to just breathe some Milk Bar air and check out their designs and offer! I actually know about their yummy treats, but I was curious to see if the Flagship got anything new new. I wasn't even thinking of seasonal stuff. 

When one of the sweet girls told me to go with the Thanksgiving croissant, I was skeptic. The guy at the bar all of a sudden told me how fancy this is and obviously there were only 6 left before they were sold out for the day. 
I was going to miss Thanksgiving in th US this why not having an early Thanksgiving by myself? 
I decided to go with the flow and ordered my Thanksgiving croissant together with a cereal milk latte. Best combo, yo! 

Still, I wasn't sure what I was doing, but my mind was already painting diverse fantasies inside my head and I was really excited to try this damn buttery croissant. You gotta love croissants... 
I do. But I think what made me so nervous was the filling: cranberry sauce, gravy, and turkey. Yep, the usual Thanksgiving dinner, kinda...
Don't be scared, this is actually a croissant deluxe ~ 

I went to Central Park to enjoy the fun. 
It started to rain, but guess what, it was just me and my croissant. I gave it all my attention and I couldn't stop eating. No pause. I ate this whole thing in seconds and I felt like an angel in heaven. What the fuck was I eating? 
I was smiling. I felt like crying, jumping, and I wanted more. 
Now I understand what the staff was talking about! 

Woooow. What a sexy Thanksgiving dinner. 
Just like I said, don't cook if you don't feel like cooking. Just get your guests a Thanksgiving croissant from Milk Bar and everyone will be beyond happy. 
Maybe an idea for next year? 

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Enjoy your meals and the beautiful company! Laugh and have a good time! 
If your meal is not as perfect as in your dreams, don't worry! It will all be fine! 

*A serious note: if you are in New York, though, make sure to visit Milk Bar's latest baby, the Flagship, to not miss on their very special creations, a very own lab - DIYs, y'all!!! And of course a sexy corner where you can get merchandise and things that make baking so much more fun at your own home! This place is really a dream and I am so proud to see Milk Bar doing those major steps! More birthday cakes and crack pies for the whole world ~ btw: Americans can ship their special cakes for free inside the country right from the Flagship! This is truly a wonderland! 
Thank you Milk Bar and Christina!! 

Milk Bar Flagship NYC 1196 Broadway at 29th (S)