New York Story #39: You Can't Escape This View #BrooklynPier

3:17 PM NYC has the potential to provoke every side and every vibe inside of me. I can be stressed, relaxed, nervous, beyond anxious or just happy. It all happens every here and then.
During my last stay I felt super anxious and I had no control — I just let it happen. One important thing I learned during the last years is that as soon as I feel anxiety or a very intense attack, I need to get myself out from chaos and massive crowds. I have to calm myself down somehow and then continue with my to-do list or whatever.
It's pretty hard to do that inside of SoHo or busy Chinatown...also because usually I don't mind the people...

I had a lot of time pressure during my last visit in the Big Apple, but I'm always happy to see myself freeing myself from stress and routines to recover faster.

Hello empath — always ready to do too much, even if your body screams no. And once you take a break... you get mad at yourself.

Remember kids, it's okay to take a pause. No matter where you are. No matter what you are doing.
It's a must to take care of yourself when you feel stressed or you are freaking out.
Always put yourself first. On top of your to-do list is always Y-O-U.

Since I was rushing through Brooklyn during my heavy anxiety attack, I decided to go to the Brooklyn Pier to sit down for a little bit.
I had breathing issues. My heart was beating beyond! I just couldn't move further.

I'm happy I was in BK around that time.
I walked down the beautiful way along the river and found a free bench where I could simply unwind and breathe.

"Hmm...I still have to go here and there and...".
I told my head to shut up. This is not important now.
This was important.

I sat there on this bench all by myself, a couple dogs where moving around, and I watched quietly at the most beautiful skyline in the world.
Damn, NYC, you are so pretty.

I actually spent a whole hour at the pier to breathe in the salty air and enjoy this beautiful blue sky! The water sounds calm me down like nothing else in this world... I was floating.

                                   Zen af with the best view.

The magic of Brooklyn and this awesome park!
Once you find yourself on a grassy hill in Brooklyn and a couple of meters further one finds a very cool and inviting hang out spot which is a bit more quiet, but so perfect.
The Brooklyn Pier and the park around is something you shouldn't miss!

This is my kind of NYC and my kind of therapy.
It works for me and it helped me "surviving" the rest of my trip.