New York Story #38: Throwback Thursday at Washington Square Park

9:09 PM This November and actually every month, we have to slow down a little bit and be thankful for a lot of things. This can be anything.

For me it's the feeling of home and the special places that define home to me.

Every time I run through NYC, I try to visit as many favorite places as possible.
When I feel stressed or I need a break in the Big Apple, I visit my favorite places as well, because I know how they influence and lift me up.

The perfect example for this is Washington Square Park. I fell in love with this place during my first stay. I met incredible people there, I had my first date with my special someone there, and it's one of the places which ALWAYS inspires me.
My sister asks me all the time why I take so many pictures of it... it never changes.
Yes, and that's what I like.
And I'm still learning.
Being a student on a bench surrounded by water, trees, and kids running around, skateboarders, and the loveliest pianists. Issa vibe.

During my last stay, I had a day where I was running around from A to Z with no pause. My heart was heavily beating and I couldn't wait to go to bed.
On my way home, I decided to cross WSP to listen to some classical music and see the park resting in the dark clouds and night sky, too.
The closer I got, the louder I heard people speaking.
I was a bit confused and surprised when I entered the park. All around the water fountain, people have crowded, sitting on the floor, picnicking, and looking at the biggest screen ever.

The park was hosting a movie night, playing Dirty Dancing, and it looked like the whole neighborhood gathered to feel nostalgic.

I found a free spot on a bench and watched for a couple of minutes — even tourists sat down to enjoy this for a little bit.

I bet this film isn't everyone's taste, but it was more than the movie. This felt like hanging out with friends and family, even if they were strangers.
A feeling of home.
In the middle of NYC.

Again. This is what I'm thankful for. I'm happy that I decided to walk home via WSP or else I would have missed this cool movie night.

If you are interested, WSP often offers events like this and they are totally free.
I bet something like a public movie night in the heart of NYC would make your trip more than perfect!

Thank you WSP for making me always feel like home whenever I enter and visit you.