Let's Dream About NYC For A Second #VisualVibes

10:15 PM In the last 4 months I was lucky enough to go back home twice to have a refreshing time in my favorite concrete jungle.
Many impressions, ups and downs, and two totally different seasons.
Until now, I still didn't register that I actually did those trips... my mind is continuously busy and distracted. My personal life experienced a lot the last months, so it's hard to enjoy pleasurable things right now.
Luckily, I always got my camera with me to keep special memories forever close.
Finally I managed to cut and create a little something which I will look at the next weeks to keep telling myself to slow down and enjoy off days more! Don't be too hectic with everything — let your mind pause.

Now that it's a bit colder outside, enjoy those warm impressions from NYC in late August.
I can't believe that the Big Apple is already wrapped in all the beautiful colorful lights and the biggest bows you can imagine.
Christmas is coming y'all! And with this last November post, we are welcoming December in a couple of hours...whewww.