1:34 PM Another spectacular month is ahead of us. We are already in it... Thanksgiving month. From candyland to turkey heaven. The month to finally slow down and take it all in. Use your senses, be mindful, and move slowly.

Taking care of ourselves is a priority this month, even though it's not only about us.
It's about love, family, traditions, being thankful, and giving back.

I smell a little stress in the air.
Thanksgiving (and Christmas!) are so deeply connected to stress and negative emotions — I get that...
But fact is that we should not let stress rule over the holy holidays and best days of the year. These are the days were one makes the most and best memories.
So please don't stress.

Excuse me.
Do you know how much I have to cook??!!!

Again. I'm on your side. I know that being a Thanksgiving host is something hard and stressful — one can never start planning early enough! There's a lot to be thought of... so many guests, so many wishes, so much to do.
The pressure is on.

One thing I know is that I can definitely work with pressure but I hate working and performing under conditions like this. It's unnecessary and I can guarantee that something has to go wrong after a matter of time...

That's why I created a beautiful OFF COLOR Thanksgiving plan for you in the past.
But today I want to talk to those who stress themselves a little too much. Those who might be new to hosting, cooking, or need a little extra hug to conquer this battle with the biggest smile.

Stress won't appear if we don't let it happen. Organization and focus is the key here. Ughhh... ok, and maybe a little bit of chocolate.

1. I know it feels weird planning the Thanksgiving menu already in summer, but make sure you always collect ideas throughout the year. Here I love to save thousands of pins on Pinterest — the best source of inspiration. The menu should be fully decided in the first week of November to give you less stress and a little satisfaction.

2. With planning the menu as early as you can, it's also important to know if you need to prepare alternatives for the people with allergies! This is a big stress saver!

3. Order your turkey as early as possible. No last minute shopping! Again — we strive for satisfaction and want to put check after check on our mental or physical to-do list.

4. When is the perfect timing to go shopping? Actually throughout the year! First of all it's important to know that it's okay to not only buy seasonal produce from the market to cook a delicious meal, you are allowed to buy canned food like beans, too. Make sure to keep your eyes open from October to November, which special offers exist... what can we already hoard for a lower price? With this we can save a lot of $$$ and we don't have to run from supermarket to supermarket, because thousand of people are buying the same things like you and the prices might be a bit higher than usual...

5. Why stressing and running to the supermarket to get the special ingredients to attractive prices and then hurry to the kitchen and precook it kinda, so it can develop a deeper flavor until Thanksgiving, when you can easily precook this months ahead and simply freeze it (or at least put it in the fridge): cranberry sauce, turkey stock, the gravy...

6. Already panicking seeing how much money you are spending for one single day? Getting fancy decor, so that everyone can have the experience of their lives... You don't have to spend your last $ for this. Decorate sustainable this year! Go hiking or take a walk in the forest weeks ahead... This firstly helps you to relax and calm down, but also you can collect pine cones, sticks, and leaves. Write personal table cards at home and if you have to spend all your cash, then spend it for candles! Less is more ~

7. Ask for help!! Responsibility can be a lot... stress can fuck up a lot, too. If you feel insecure about being a host or the cook of certain dishes, ask for help. Ask relatives or friends to help out and keep each other sane! This is actually fun, too, and you can easily enjoy the day to the fullest! 

As I already mentioned...tis the season to not stress. 
Know about your to-dos and know better how to conquer them in chill mode. 
Don't be afraid to fail and don't think as a perfectionist. The holidays are too special to ruin them just like that... 

Take things easy and take a deep breath.



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