Ease Through Thanksgiving

6:07 PM I already treated you with two wonderful recipes for Thanksgiving and I hope your stress level is still low.
If not, please take a deep breath and take it slow. Step by step.

In my last post I shared a second guide on how to manage and plan throughout the month to have the smoothest Thanksgiving. But what about the day itself. Most people don't worry about the  weeks of planning, but the day itself.
When do I have to cook the Turkey? How much time do I really need to spend in the kitchen? Will everything turn out exactly how I planned it?

First of all let's say goodbye to the idea of perfect!
Let's not create an even bigger mess here.
I'm here to help you unwind and slow down.

With these tips here you will manage the stress easily. No worries!
1. The first thing that is the actual most important one is enough sleep! Make sure to get your 8 hours and don't skip it! You need all of the energy to perform and feel good!
2. Is there a little urban witch inside of you? Ashwagandha is the perfect adaptogen that can help you with all the stress! Add this to your smoothie or coffee and let your system chill. ~
3. Panic attack? Something is not working well? It's all good! Keep your essential oil close. Lavender to stay calm, mint for focusing, and citrus for plenty of fresh energy. Put it on your neck, your temples, or forehead. Give your body a moment and treat yourself with a tiny massage.
4. Make some tea in between to recharge and slow down. Sit down for 10 minutes and enjoy a cup full of coziness! Take a deep breath and continue! Make your favorite beverage and feel warm inside out. I do this while sipping my matcha.
5. Again, it's about coziness! Feeling good and comfortable! If this means cooking in your PJs, then please do so! Get your favorite workout tights out and a big sweater! You will move a lot and comfort is a huge thing in the kitchen, too!
6. To enjoy all this comfort and cosy vibes, create your perfect mixtape or playlist! In my kitchen this means blasting my Sonos speaker and just dance!

This doesn't feel like a hectic holiday no more, right?

Please don't forget about yourself during times like this. The holidays are here to be enjoyed!
Less stress, less mess.

I will guarantee that your kitchen fun won't look like the Swedish Chef one, haha.
A little fun and laughter is surely welcomed!

 With this being said — cheers from my kitchen to yours! Namaslay ~