8:45 AM Ahhh...how much I love my phone! I never thought I'd be talking so much about my cellphone on OFF COLOR. I'm actually not the biggest cellphone fan, but since I got my Google phone, I feel completely differently.
My wellness phone.
My best organization system.
And my best shooting assistant next to my cameras.

That's why I decided to take only my phone with me to Berlin when I visited the capital a couple of weeks ago!
I had a little business trip going on, but I also made sure to enjoy a couple of moments by myself throughout the city, soaking in all the fall vibes.

Berlin and I are still not best friends, but I have to say that I enjoyed my time there and culinary I was again satisfied, so all is good ~
Talking about food, I will soon share more, but today I want to share some of my favorite pictures I took from my trip.


This is not a sponsored post! 
Just sharing vibes ~


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