11:06 AM As a German potato head, I love eating as many potatoes as I can.
Potatoes over everything, kinda.
Over the years, I found out that many of my favorite potato dishes are Jewish origin. I was excited, more in love, and started serious research. Might there be something Jewish inside of me? Ok, too much drifting...

Latkes must be one of my favorite Jewish/ German dishes. Greasy fried grated potato with apple sauce or sour cream.

My life.
I got too excited when my mom made these.

Since it's Thanksgiving month and I love talking about food, duh, I like to exchange about Thanksgiving ideas.
What's on your menu?
Ideas yet?

I know about aaaall of the traditional foods and bites, but how about upgrading things or just keep it even more simple with a little twist?

A while ago I shared things like chicken and chai waffles or my beloved pumpkin mashed potatoes. Yes this is Thanksgiving to me...
Let's just go one step further. Taking another classic, giving it a sexy update, and making this an unforgettable Thanksgiving memory.

Come to the point, K.
I want my Thanksgiving star side to be seasonal af and a sexy desire everyone will crave from now on.

Apple latkes it is.
Bye potatoes. Aloha apples.
Never heard of? Never done yet?

Time to lose your virginity.
Let's make Apfel (apple) Kartoffelpuffer.

(makes 4-5)

YOU NEED 4 apples + 1/4 Cup flour + 1 egg + 2 tablespoons coconut sugar + 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon + 1/2 teaspoon baking powder + oil 

1. Take out a big bowl and a grater. Don't peel the apples — less waste, eat your vitamins, yo. Grate them from each side until you reach the pip.
2. Watch little sticks cover the bottom of your bowl and repeat this process until all four apples are grated.
3. Transfer the apples onto a kitchen towel and squeeze the apples so that they loose all of their moisture! The apple juice you squeeze out, please don't throw away. Keep it! Free apple juice ✌🏼
4. Transfer the dry apple sticks into the big bowl and add the flour.
5. Cover the apples well and slowly add and egg. Mix it. 
6. As soon as the dough is done, heat up a trying pan over medium heat.
7. Pour oil into the pan and make sure it covered the bottom well. We don't want our Kartoffelpuffer to stick on the bottom.
8. Put 1 tablespoon of dough into the pan and let it fry until the bottom is nice and crunchy (3-4 minutes). Flip the Kartoffelpuffer carefully and let it turn beautifully golden brown for another 3 minutes.
9. Before enjoying these, damp them with a paper towel to remove access fat.
10. Serve the Latkes with a cinnamon infused sour cream or a nice splash of maple syrup! YUM!

Believe me or not...
This is it!
You need this for Thanksgiving!
Cook this for the picky people around the table...
Actually everyone will enjoy this!
Prepare a double batch to enjoy even more the day after! You suggest them with some cranberry sauce?? Hell yeeeessss!!

*Boys and girls, write down the new vocabulary you have learned today: Kartoffelpuffer — Latkes.


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