7:07 PM If I had to choose to eat one baked breadish good only, I would definitely go with bagels.
Bread, buns, German bread!!!... No I would always say bagels, no matter what!
I love my cinnamon bagel, the sexy look it has, and the many ways I can enjoy it.
This screams for another mission and I take it more than serious! I want to try them all and most importantly I need to find the best bagel spot.
Have I already found it? Possibly.

On a cold February day, I took a little walk through my neighborhood and decided to also go on a breakfast hunt. I didn't know what I was hungry for, but my stomach somehow connected me with a bagel shop that I almost passed.
A cute and simple bagel shop which calls itself Tompkins Square Bagels. Logically, located across the street from Tompkins Square Park.

I entered. Even more hungry now. Bagels. Why the heck not.
I was flashed and a little excited seeing their beautiful menu! I couldn't believe how many types of cream cheese they had and I felt like reading the menu for hours.
A very nice and patient guy helped me out and even let me have some samples to make my choice easier.

Mhmmm, OMG. It was hard for me to find the right words, but tasting the different cream cheeses was heaven.
Since it was breakfast time and I was also in the mood for something sexy, I went with a French toast bagel with espresso cream cheese. Espresso or coffee flavored cream cheese is something I am addicted to more and more! Once you've tried this... there is no turning back. Thank you, NYC. 

Coffee lovers, this is for you.
No coffee people, please try this... You are missing out!

So I was standing at the bar, waiting for my bagel and I couldn't hide my excitement.
The nice guy handed it to me and I decided to enjoy it outside around the corner all by myself.
Let me tell you...the smell was killing me 🧡
I opened the bag and found two bagel halves with the thickest layer of cream cheese. Yum.

Now let me tell you this. A warm, kind of caramelized, bagel with a kind pinch of cinnamon. A rich and still fluffy dough hugged from the most creamy not too sweet coffee cream cheese. Is this the perfect description? I don't know!
This is an experience we have to do on our own...

I can guarantee that you will have the best bagel moment of your life.
Tompkins Square Bagel is heaven on Earth.

I took another bite, cream cheese must have been all over my face, but I didn't care, and I kept on walking and exploring NY during my morning hike.
With the bagel in my hand I felt the happiest.

A morning highlight for under $5 and a bite I will never forget.
You own my heart, TSB.

Tompkins Square Bagels, 165 Avenue A ($)


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