Spooky Season With These Movies Is A Must

10:04 AM We already passed the first week of October and Halloween is knocking at our doors! There's no time for hiding or procrastinating, y'all. Let's face it! Fall is here, it's colder, and you better get your Halloween decoration on! 
Isn't this a beautiful season? 
I know the rain can distract, but let's take this as an excuse to enjoy more chai lattes and stay in bed a bit longer! This is what fall is about... 

My perfect highlight to enjoy October to the fullest are Halloween movies! 
I am a film addict and I love watching all kinds of masterpieces. Films are more than just a distraction from our daily rushing, they are pure and such a good source of inspiration. 

It's art. It's a mood. And my mood is let's get spooky! 

Each year, I say to myself I will watch one movie every day until Halloween...this would be 31 movies and the perfect vibes, but somehow, I always end up having my little favorite selection and be happy with these classics. 
There's nothing wrong about them, but I will work on my goals and get some extra inspiration this year. More movies, more fun. 

I wanted to share an updated list of mine and I hope you will find some inspiration, too, which gets you the perfect Halloween vibes for your home. 
Get cosy. Get yourself some popcorn and let's get spooky. 

What would Halloween be without its fantastic movies?
And no, we don't need to watch all those weird horror movies to get in the mood.... 

1. Casper 
2. Ghostbusters
3. Corpse Bride
4. Hotel Transylvania
5. Young Frankenstein 
6. Coraline
7. Paranorman
8. The Addams Family
9. Beetlejuice
10. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
11. Edward With The Scissorhand
12. It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown 
13. Sweeney Todd
14. Nightmare Before Christmas
15. nerd alert this is something almost no one knows.... Nosferatu - a German silent movie classic!!!!

Are you ready? 
This is a good marathon that keeps you in the perfect mood this month! 
Of course there's more to discover and I know there are people who love to watch some really scary movies, but give these films above a chance, too! 

Happy spooky season, y'all!