Okay, Let's Destress Together And Be Calm

9:34 AM Coping with stress is something I still struggle with until today. Stress is bullshit and I really can't stand it - especially because there are 1000 different kinds of stress. People can stress us, deadlines can stress us, sickness can stress us, emotional ballast can stress us, to-do lists can stress us, even simple things like "enjoying social media" can stress us. Everything is stress related - it creates a special vibe in our body which can be tiny, but also a heavier wave. 

Fact is, when I take me as an example, I am never ready for stress. I know my patterns, but once that stress wave hits me, I am freaking out inside and yell at myself: why can't you just deal with it like you don't care? Can we just move on somehow...? 
I'm super sensitive, so I must analyze everything that makes me upset... it's frustrating. Also it does so much to my body that I actually need another full day to simply recover and feed the system to feel beyond sexy again. 

This year, I am learning to be a better stress dealing person. Because if we are honest, so many stressful situations aren't stressful. Shift your focus. Think about yourself first and not what other people have to say about certain situations. Trust your gut and know your emotions. You've got the right to take seven steps back and get away from negative energy, before it hits you. We are animals - we got instincts for that. Use them and help yourself staying away from bad scenarios.  

In my world, one major thing that triggers me are people. I stopped going to the city that often to shop or just wander around, because I already know I will be mad pissed when I get home. People's slowness and massive crowds just makes me anxious. I feel safer in my comfort zone... 
To have a normal social life though, I figured out ways how to be outside and enjoy a beautiful day without feeling mad or anxious after the first 5 minutes. This is all a training thing. 

As I already mentioned - I am still learning how to be chill AF and not be bothered by every tiny thing that happens in my environment. I just can't ignore it sometimes. 

But I learned that recovery is so much sweeter once you've got a little equipment that can be used in any situation and any emotional state. This is how I feel a bit more confident outside and I also feel like I can control my anxiety and other feelings better. 

I carry my SOS kit with me and I always write down tiny "what can I do" lists on my phone, so I am prepared. No reason to create extra stress...I'm good. 

Once I feel tension in my body or I feel that certain things stress me out, I pause, go somewhere quiet and check the list. What can I do now? What can I do later at home? 

So far this is working well, because although I might experience stressful situations, I know how to work them out smoother than usually and I can create a special moment with wonderful rituals which take extra care of my body, so the next day I actually feel like my best self. 

Stress is not bad, sometimes it's even good to experience those vibes to let us get to know our bodies better! 

Here's my list straight from my phone to your phone or journal: 

1. Hydrate - more water, please. 
2. Eat a piece of fruit to get some extra vitamins, or lift your mood by eating something that makes you happy (I always carry a chocolate protein bar with me...just because) 
3. Talk to someone to let go of your emotions
4. Airplane mode for your phone, so you stop being on Instagram for a moment. Also make sure to ignore your e-mails and whatever stresses you on your phone! De-connect now! 
5. Use peppermint or lavender essential oil and give yourself a tiny massage
6. Write in your journal
7. Take a shower
8. Listen to music - always carry some special playlists with you! 
9. Take a walk and take a deep breath!
10. Rest - take a power nap! Let your body relax 
11. Open your window and let fresh air inside your clouds and worries.
12. Exercise
13. Stretch and breathe right
14. Take care of your plants and talk to them
15. Sit up straighter and relax your shoulders (this releases a lot of stress already)
16. Read a book
17. Watch a movie which will make you laugh
18. Tidy your home and get rid of ballast
19. Make yourself a comforting hot drink 
20. Practice affirmations - if you can find nice words in bad situations, you'll know that all is going to be fine! 
21. Put on a face mask
22. Make a gratitude list
23. Dance it off
24. Go grocery shopping and spoil yourself with a fancy dinner 
25. Cry!!! 

So many great things we can do in the moment we feel overly stressed or a nice way to finish a day which was more than hard to survive. We all know these scenarios. Let me repeat it again: it's all about what we make out of it! A day has got 24 hours... 1-5 hours of stress are only a tiny bit of a day - imagine that! You've got the power to control your vibes and energy plus you've got the power to finish the day in a more comfortable way so you can feel calm and smile about it. 

It's a training, it's exhausting sometimes, and it's hard to control stress. But let's start this journey together! We can work this out! 

Just breathe it out first. 
And never feel ashamed to cry about it. This is my favorite thing to do when I feel overly stressed! 
Sending you hugs to your home! 
I believe in you!