10:20 AM When the days get shorter and a little colder, we are craving spa days and wellness a little more than usual. This could be a hot cup of tea or putting on a face mask since our skin is winter dehydrated.
I try to have a wellness day every day, since I notice how benefitial it is for my body and especially my mood. I'm not talking about fancy wellness days here, I just take a couple of minutes to enjoy small things which bring me joy, calmness, and a little relaxation.
I guess with my current appearing and disappearing anxiety attacks, this is a routine I really don't want to miss... Tricking the brain a bit.

I started little. I made tea or matcha my special wellness routine. And then, month after month, I added more things to my collection — testing them or buying specific things I heard would have a certain effect.

Right now I would say that my collection is pretty satisfying and I don't want to miss it.
Let's explore my little wellness temple.

Ashwagandha: I think this was one of my first investments when I entered or dug deep into the wellness world. I read a lot about it and got it to keep me balanced. Less stress, less anxiety. Well, it does calm me down, but one really has to use it every day for a longer time to see results... You can add it to your smoothie, baked goods, yogurt, and even coffee.

Face masks and lotion: I'm a Korean beauty freak and I love any product from klair's. I think since using my Korean skin care products, I am addicted to skin care. I covered myself with masks, lotions, and anything which makes my skin looks healthy and glowy. Massaging my serum or mask into my skin is such a soothing routine! Using the pressure of my fingers on my temples, for example, is something that really calms me down during my morning and evening washing routine.

Matcha tea: I love coffee a lot, but matcha really changed my life! I created my own special blend which sets the perfect mood for the day. Infused with adaptogens, I support my immune system and mood. So so good! 

Essential oils: Stress hits me way too often... Sometimes I feel super overwhelmed and don't know what to do...This is when I turn myself to my essential oils and take a moment to use these with my diffuser, or I put them on my temples and massage them deeply. The smell is such a wellness treat. For my workspace I got myself these ceramic stones from Muji which I bathe in essential oil and then they smell forever! They kind of work like a diffuser — they keep the smell of the oil and spread it around the place you rest. Perfect for my working space...

Lavender Mist: Sleepless nights still exist. Full moon is also annoying my sleep here and then.. for those situations I love to use my Nature's Truth Good Nite mist. I spray it on my pillow and blanket and sometimes also around myself to just smell this intense aroma therapy. I take a deep breath and enjoy all of it! Earthy lavender and a hint of citrus... I pass out a few moments later.

Soothing Rub: When there's no essential oil close to me or I'm on the run and have a really bad migraine, I love to use Nature's Truth soothing rub. Lavender and eucalyptus are the perfect combination to let me calm down, focus, and relax my head. I put it onto my temples, my neck, even chest... It's such a good feeling!!

Lucuma: I am a sugar addict! I love candy and I eat a lot of sweet stuff... I realized that my anxiety and depression were fueled from my bad nutrition and too much sugar. To cut this and feed my anxiety with more good stuff, I added Lucuma to my routine! It tastes like maple syrup and I simply put it into anything I eat and drink! On spa days, I also add it to my face mask! It's a miracle!!

With those superheroes, I feel super secure and happy. I am able to support myself and help my body in any situation. Prevention is important too.  

Wellness should be included into everyone's life and I believe it's important we need to build a relationship with our bodies like that.

What are your secrets for your perfect wellness day?


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