10:19 AM Struggling with my anxiety attacks (here and then more, other time less) I am always curious to find more ways to either way control it or find recovery tools which make the healing process a sweeter one!
I think it was on Pinterest when I randomly looked for recipe ideas, when I found a tip which was groundbreaking and so good to know!

Anxiety or not, who doesn't like being in a good smelling home or working in a clean and fresh atmosphere? I love coming home to a good scent and look forward to winter when I light my candles with essential oils.

For having a soothing and therapeutic surrounding, I always love to use specific oils which help me to unwind and feel better.

I also tried palo santo until my fire alarm went on, but there's actually a cheaper and somehow sexier solution.
Have you ever tried burning bay leaves? They have more functions then one would think of... Yes, we love them for cooking and creating a very special meal, but how about burning them?

This cheap solution can be a secret wellness trend I want to share with you today. Yes, because even without anxiety attacks one can enjoy the ritual of burning a bay leaf.

The benefits, coming along with these tiny leaves, are unbelievable: relieving anxiety, reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, increasing mindfulness, and opening the respiratory system.
What else do we need? 

I never thought that wellness can be so smooth!
Head to your next supermarket and get a bag of bay leaves! Cheap, healing, and so soothing for your whole being!
Start your day with a burning bay leaf or end the day with a cleansing ritual! 

Enjoy this and share this also with your friends and family! 

Happy burning! ~


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