9:35 AM Oh yeah, we are getting closer to the spookiest day of the year. It's getting darker and darker outside and you can hear the cold wind whistling through the leaves.
The atmosphere is just perfect, but there is still one thing missing.
I showed you two cool, healthier, and very popular candy interpretations (bounty and Reese's) and I shared my favorite spooky movies. Again, what's missing? Popcorn!!!

The third and final Halloween candy I want to share with you is popcorn.
I think a very special person inspired me here and I took the challenge to upgrade this classic cinema mvp...
Don't get me wrong, I love popcorn to death, but I never tried different flavors (I heard there are many...). I'm a popcorn virgin, never tried caramel or cheese popcorn... It's time to conquer this unknown world.

Thinking of Halloween, I simply think of chocolate!

Sorry, this might be too simple for you, but let me tell you. I believe that chocolate popcorn is the real shit.

With a little touch of Frankenstein, aka matcha, you have a sweet candy surprise for the trick or treaters or you can use it as a sexy party snack.


YOU NEED 2 tablespoons canola oil + 1/2 Cup popcorn kernels + 85g chocolate + 1 tablespoon coconut oil + 1-2 teaspoons matcha 

1. Pop the popcorn kernels with the oil and follow the instructions on the packaging. I know that there are many ways to do so, and I know you got a favorite method to pop: microwave, pot, instant pot - the world is yours. 
If you are scared making your own, you can surely buy the end product and start from here. 
2. Heat up the chocolate together with the coconut oil over medium heat. 
3. Once everything has dissolved nicely, throw in the popcorn and shake the pot well to make sure every bit gets a splash of chocolate. This is a quick process, don't let the popcorn "swim" in there for too long.
4. Spread the popcorn over a big plate or a baking sheet and sprinkle the matcha on top! 
5. Let it cool down for a little bit. 
6. Pack the popcorn into little bags for trick or treat or just transfer the fun into a huge bowl. 

This is super easy and so quickly done! 
Again, you can be super creative here, using your favorite chocolate or mixing two kinds together! 
If you are scared of matcha and chocolate together, try it on one popcorn first and test it to see how much matcha one popcorn can take.

I bet no one expects these delicious bites!
If they are too good to be true, you can surely just enjoy this by yourself while watching a spooky movie! 
*Don't forget about the health aspects here - a dream ~ 

Happy Halloween! 👻
Happy snacking! 


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