8:51 AM Do you have a special story or memory when it comes to candy?
I know there are people out there who don't like candy — sorry, this post is not for you... I kinda talk a lot about sweets and treating moments here on OFF COLOR.
I have to admit that since I'm being healthier, my cravings went down and also my taste changed — for example the nastiest cookies don't give me the pleasure anymore they used to...
Still I love to eat certain things here and then and I  love to think of special candy moments.
Reese's was one experience which totally changed my life, haha.

Uhhh, yeah.
Oh, but the calories...
Don't worry. I told you in the beginning of the month: it's Halloween! Candy month! I want to recreate or upgrade 3 sweet treats that you can enjoy like that, serve as a very special trick or treat, or give your guests at your spooky party!
Today...who would have thought, I want to recreate Reese's with y'all.

Super easy, super delicious, plus no silly waste.
Ready to explore this wonderland?
Let's do this.

makes 15

YOU NEED 350g-400g chocolate (for health benefits I am taking dark chocolate) + 1/2 tablespoon coconut oil + almond butter (you can also go with peanut butter) + cinnamon + shredded coconut + reusable cupcake holders

1. Over medium heat, melt the chocolate together with the coconut oil.
2. Make sure the chocolate isn't burning so keep your pot on medium heat and let it slowly dissolve. Stir once in a while.
3. Once we find a glossy chocolate party, start pouring chocolate into the cupcake holders which you better line up on a tray which is easier for this procedure. Add chocolate until the bottom is covered... this should be not more than a tablespoon.
4. Put the chocolate bottoms in the freezer to let them fully cool down and set.
5. After 30 minutes we can continue. Add a teaspoon of almond butter in the center of the chocolate and add a pinch of cinnamon and some coconut flakes (you can also go with pure nut butter).
6. Reheat your leftover chocolate or maybe it's still warm and cover the nut butter fully. Here you can surely use more than a tablespoon! It's really up to you if you want more chocolate or more nut butter inside your diy Reese's. I like more chocolate, so I go crazy here.
7. Put the finished Reese's one more time in the freezer to let everything cool down and rest.

What a joy!!!
I swear this is so easy, anyone can do that!
For Halloween you can actually be really creative with your Reese's and maybe add a little blood aka jam to your nut butter!
The world is yours and you have the power to create the candy of your dreams!
Happy Halloween and happy treating yourself!

Enjoy one or two more — no need to count calories here!


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