3:27 PM Ohhhh yes, ohhhh yes! It's candy month...
Why didn't we talk about this on OFF COLOR earlier? Haha. I mean investigating candy... 
As a dear reader or follower, you might know my love for candy and anything chocolate. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I love October so much! Halloween, spooky candy, and cosy season which offers so many cosy snacks. I take them all... 

I am addicted to Halloween. I don't need to start a monolog, but that's how deep the love is. 
In Germany, we are not as crazy as our dear American lovebirds when it comes to Halloween and the craziness of candyland, but here and then, you get to see certain temptations which make your heart beat faster. 

My Halloween decoration is already set up and I feel more than tempted to buy a huge amount of candy, just because it's Halloween. 

"I need to be prepared if someone rings my bell on the 31st"... orrrr..."I need some sweet and tiny candy bites to get into Halloween mood." - oh boy, there are thousand of excuses to declare this weird Halloween fomo. 

But not this year. 
Besides of buying so much candy that is wrapped in so much waste which WE DON'T NEED, I realized that it's about time to cure my sugar addiction. 

Can I survive October without a crazy sugar coma? 
OF COURSE. We all can. 

I realized it's time to try making my favorite candy in my own kitchen. Less waste, less sugar, and still a sexy Halloween season! 

I chose three different candies or sweet pleasures which I want to recreate! This makes me more than happy and I am beyond excited to share this series with you! 

Maybe you are throwing a Halloween party and you are still looking for delicious highlights! I hope I can help and inspire you!

Today we start with a very simple and low-key candy snack: Bounty
It's a coconut based treat with a good amount of chocolate! One of my favorite chocolate bars when I was a kid. And I know that at least in Germany, this is a very popular candy one would give to the kids who ask for trick or treat. 

This bar is not a terrible bar when it comes to sugar and sweetness, but we can still work on the sugar amount that is usually in there - no worries, it will still taste fantastic! 

Let's get ready. 


YOU NEED 1 1/4 Cups shredded coconut + 1/3 Cup yogurt + 1/3 Cup coconut sugar (you are invited to take less) + 1 teaspoon vanilla extract + a pinch of salt + 1/2 Cup of chocolate + 1 teaspoon coconut oil 

1. Take out a big bowl and throw in the shredded coconut together with the sugar, vanilla, and salt. If you are not sure about the sugar dosis, add only half in the beginning and then add more once you feel you need more sweetness. 
2. Add the yogurt (I used a vegan brand that has a slight sour taste which I like....you can also go with coconut yogurt to emphasize the coconut flavor) and start mixing the ingredients well. 
3. To blend the mass, use a spatula and give it a little time to get sticky. 
4. If there's too much yogurt in your bowl, make sure to add more coconut (or vice versa). We are aiming for a mass that is sticky and the coconut shouldn't crumble once you form a little rectangle. 
5. Once the mixture has the right consistency, put it in the fridge to let it cool for a little bit. I prepared mine a day ahead so it could cool  in a Weck jar throughout the night. 
6. Take out a piece of parchment paper and spread it on your work surface. Grab a spoon and take a little bit out of the mixture and form tiny 3-4cm long rectangles. Repeat this until there's no more dough left. 
7. Put the naked Bounties in the freezer for 1 hour. 
8. Heat up the chocolate together with the coconut oil and let it fully melt. (I used dark chocolate - you can also mix different types). 
9. Remove the Bounties from the freezer and dip one after one into the melted chocolate. Cover them fully and let them chill on the parchment paper. 
10. Once you are done, put them back into the fridge so the chocolate can fully set. 
11. Enjoy this until October 31st or create this as a healthy candy for the hungry monsters knocking at your door - it's up to you! 

I never thought that making Bounties would be so easy. We don't need many ingredients - which is amazing and the taste is actually better than I expected. 
Wow to this recipe! 
This is the perfect excuse to treat yourself during candy month and not gaining too many pounds, because you couldn't control yourself. 

Let's enjoy these babies together and if you haven't tried them before: I hope you like your first taste of Bounty. 

Happy sweet season, y'all! 


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