8:54 AM Being a very sensitive person to energy and having my anxiety with me whenever I don't need it, I realized I need to be better prepared in any situation. 
For my daily life, I would say I am always pretty well prepared and I learn to understand my patterns. But when I'm on the road, I always experience the biggest surprises, and guess what, I am not at all prepared for this. 

There are certain situations, moods, and feelings that can happen during a long flight, a long day travelling, or even during the first days of the vacation. One travels through different time zones, the body has to adjust, and there are a lot of hormones driving us nuts, because they are excited, too. 

Let me tell you one thing to be clear - you can never be perfectly prepared. 

I still haven't figured this out, but I am sharing something with you today which helps me more than it should and that already makes me feel like I'm winning. 

In my backpack, which I take for work, I always have a SOS kit with me where I gathered my favorite things that help me in any situation, may it be sickness, cravings, you name it. I'm just not in the mood to deal with a moody and pissed self, when I can help myself out like that and carry an extra protein bar with me, or having magnesium with me that helps me calm down - again, you name it. 

I thought I needed something like this for travelling, too, since being on the road is a bit more stressful and sometimes we are not able to go to the next grocery store to get xyz - I rather have it already with me - less anxiety for me! 

With my wonderful and so perfect Away mini suitcase (I talked about it here before, too, - yes it's just that perfect), I knew I found the best helper to transport my soothing friends. I grabbed all the things I thought I could use during a flight and travels, and check this out, it all fits in there perfectly, and I feel more than zen to go on my next trip. 

I take the Away suitcase with me and my carry-on, so inside the plane, I can just pull this out and see what I can use. I treat myself with anything that calms me down and makes me feel more than relaxed: beauty things, food, ear plugs, and tools to be less wasteful, like my silicone straw....

You might think this is too much, too crazy, and who really needs this?
Well I do. 
My body needs it and yours maybe, too? 

I am not complaining at all with this kit by my side and I feel nourished and so healthy during travelling.
Anxious community, you should try this! 

Let's explore how my travel buddy is equipped.

Seaweed snack: I am a seaweed freak. I love to eat it and since I am super snacky, I do really enjoy this during travelling! Many nutrients and vitamins keep me working perfectly so I am feeling nourished and balanced. 
A daytime lotion: airplane mode: dry skin...ughhh. WE ALL NEED extra lotions and things to keep our skin moist and breathing! 
A night time lotion: same goes with a night time lotion. I mostly travel a whole day, so I always need to bring lotions with me that give me the best benefits during any time of the day. 
Wet wipes: bacteria is everywhere! Very simple said: keep your hands clean with wet wipes - easy peasy, fast, and you won't get sick! 
A face mask: Flying is a luxurious thing to me...I enjoy watching movies I missed in the cinema and I want to feel like a king, since the flights are already hella expensive.... So my favorite routine during flying is putting a face mask on! Treating myself and having a little moment to come down and just enjoy the moment. 
Lip scrub: my lips tend to get very dry during flying, too, so I love taking my honey lip scrub with me which is also a good secret for cravings! I love to lick my scrub down and enjoy the sweet taste in my mouth... (you can really eat Lush's lip scrubs! - I'm not a freak, haha).
A reusable straw: ...because I want to travel as sustainable as I can. I don't want to use plastic cutlery, or get 10 plastic straws which I only use for about 5 minutes. This silicone straw goes everywhere with me! Thank you to koffie straw for the gift! I also love any other straw like these ones here. 
Fenty gloss: I said it already... I want to feel like a king and let me tell you.... I feel like the queen of the world with my Fenty gloss! The best gloss out there! Also, doesn't the world just look different when putting the perfect gloss on? Nothing can bother me then... 
Ear plugs: ...just in case. 
Sneaker wipes: ...because you never know... (I'm really sensitive to dirty sneakers, so I always carry this with me). 
A pimple stick: Airplane food sucks. My face always reacts crazy to airplane food, so I better prepare myself and get a pimple stick which helps me having a drama free flight! I love Glossier's solution to treat little spots and red inflammations which really mess with my vacation mode.  
A hot chocolate mushroom drink: I am always craving chocolate. When I really can't take it any longer, I will get some hot water and just enjoy this hot chocolate drink! With the help of mushrooms in it, I will feel zen and I can breathe easily. 
Peanut butter: To not eat chips and crazy things on the plane, I love having Justin's peanut butter pouches with me, so I can always snack on them! A healthy snack that is filling and some extra protein to feel fine as hell.
Extra adaptogens: Whenever I feel super low and need  a little boost, I just take my adaptogens and add them to a drink! I'm not going to be jumping around then, but I help my body adjusting and just taking every moment as it is. 

I really hate putting stress on my body and into my system. 
Anything I can do to have a stress free vacation with less anxieties, I am down for it and I will do anything to have this smooth experience. 
I can really tell how much this is helping me! Especially knowing that no matter what, I am prepared and I can win any battle my body or the environment wants to fight. 

Vacation should be nice and soothing - let's keep this vibe and just lay back and take a deep breath.