9:47 AM As some of you might have seen on my IG stories, I was struggling a lot with my anxieties lately. I was on vacation - homebound and a lot of relaxation, but somehow I couldn't chill as much as I wanted to. In many weird situations I felt my anxieties taking over and I just wanted to escape and be alone for a minute. It was horrible.
In this moment I was beyond happy to have my beloved music with me which mostly helps me to calm down for a second.

I wrote about it on IG, I felt it was my heaviest anxiety attack I ever had, but I am happy to speak about it openly. I took the challenge and worked on my anxiety. Don't be scared about your own anxieties... accept them (they are a sign for something) and then just work it out...
I did that with this mix here... it made me felt beyond good and I slowed down. I sat down at the pier in Brooklyn, took a deep breath of sea air and just enjoyed the view.
At home, after all this travelling, I deepened my little spa and anxiety recovery and now I can say that I am doing much better already.

Too bad that summer is leaving us soon, but let's be honest... I know you all love pumpkin in any form. So let's say slowly good-bye to summer with these feel good vibes and let's prepare our bodies right for the next season!