Tuesday Talk: When Did We Stop Being Friendly?

8:50 PM With the fall temperatures hitting us in Germany right now, it's time to slow down and go with the flow. 

It's the perfect time for me to do a little cleansing, decluttering, and taking care of my emotional health! Summer was packed - a lot happened, a lot of changes, and new things entered my life. I really enjoy to slow down now and really just be in the moment. 

Reflecting about my past weeks, there's one thing that was floating inside my head... carefree, but asking to be thought about a bit further.

Let me just say it out loud: where did our kindness and friendliness go? 

I don't want to brag or put myself above everyone, but I am a very positive person in general (I try to). Especially when I am outside, I am 100% an empath and react to ANYTHING. You know that I am a highly sensitive person, so being outside, exposed to so much noise and energies, I really take care of how I act and what I do.
Being outside can be totally hard and frustrating for me, but I don't give up on enjoying walking around or shop, just because I hate dealing with my anxiety and the vibes I don't like outside. 

Too many people drive me nuts.
Too much noise makes me sick. 
Energies influence me. 

Yep, this doesn't sound like fun, but I learn how to deal with it and work on myself and my approach. It's my energy I can control and that's why I am super alert, but neutral when I hit the streets. 

I am friendly to anyone and I try to be an angel, because I want to be treated nicely from others as well! What you give is what you get, right?

This approach is something I do at home and also in NYC - a city where I am home, but my language sometimes messes with me, too. That's why I might be hyperrrr sensitive and alert in the Big Apple. Saying thank you and hello way too many times and answering any question, even if the person didn't mean to ask me a question. 

I actually just conversate and take care of my social life like that, too... Shouldn't be anything wrong.

Especially in the US, I always like to think of people who are so inviting and open! They ask stuff about you and never mind to help. 

Lately, I noticed (especially in NYC) that people got so unfriendly, self-centered, and so anti-social. I tried to ask someone for the right address and people didn't even look at me. I said excuse me, I greeted the people friendly, no action, no response. At cafés and restaurants I thanked the person for preparing my coffee or food and I got starred at as if I'm crazy. I finished my visit with a good-bye, have a good day, or have a good one, and people don't feel the same way to give their customer a nice experience back. Thank you, I never come back.... 
I felt cold vibes and I feel not welcomed. 
This is really important to me.
And if I don't feel welcomed or the people at a certain place are super unfriendly, then I take a little distance from the company or the shop, because it's not good energy for my system. I do not need you in my life. 

I came back to Germany and complained about it to my family how bad it was for me to try to make contacts or just interact with NYC people, but they wouldn't let me. 
My sister had the same experience lately at her job.... Being frustrated that normal politeness seems to die and no one really cares about it. 

Is that the cellphone culture that ruins every human interaction?
Or are we just too busy to give a damn about others?

We have to learn to be more social again.
Showing a little empathy, because we want to be treated well, too, right? 

Remember a hi, thank you, bye, doesn't hurt, doesn't cost much, and doesn't stress us. It feels good and you have no idea how much it can mean to a person.

Let's be friendlier again and just spread good vibes with one another.
Thank you!

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