#TreatingMyself: Van Leeuwen Ice Cream, NYC

6:10 PM Summer's not over yet. The weather is still nice and there are plenty more things to discover. Is it true that I never shared a nice ice cream place from NYC? Are you still wandering through New York without knowing where to get the perfect scoop? I guess some tips come late, but rather late than never. 
I guess I am thinking a lot about this place right now, because last week I didn't get the chance to eat at my beloved ice cream temple... even though I wanted to.
The temperature was more than inviting and I wished to eat my favorite flavor one more time...

If you happen to be in NYC often, you might have seen this place multiple times throughout the city. If you are new to the Big Apple and need a little guidance, take out your pen and write this place down. 
Van Leeuwen.

It doesn't only sound charming, but also it is also offering vegan flavors. YAAAS! 
And to be honest, the vegan flavors taste better than dairy ice cream... that's just how good it is.

I had a fun first experience there with really good company. A friend showed me the place and I was happy he thought about ice cream on a cold February day. 
I forgot what he had, but my blue spirulina ice cream with matcha cake chunks was just perfect. The image at the bottom can't show how delicious this was, but this is the best ice cream I ever had.
The flavor combination screams NYC to me and I am so happy to experience such delicate food experiences. 

*Only minus point could be the price... It could be the name, it could be the fact that it was the vegan option... I paid $12 for two scoops. 
That's NYC.
But while on vacation we can tell ourselves to live a little bit! Enjoy the good stuff and don't limit yourself!

I'm curious to know Van Leeuwen's current special flavors...

Van Leeuwen, 45 Spring St and 172 Ludlow St ($$)