7:32 PM Oh yessa, I am ready for October (I know...too early), but I am beyond excited for Halloween and anything orange coming my way. I am not really about that candy life, but I don't dismiss it either, haha. October is my favorite month, because Christmas is around the corner, and we all get super cozy. Fall is offically here and we can watch nostalgic classics on TV, getting spooky inspiration, and just enjoy a really fun season. Halloween month and fall is just exciting to me and this year I wanted to celebrate this season with something special.

The last weeks I was suffering from a lot of anxiety again. I'm not experiencing a seasonal depression, but there are definitely many moments where I feel more than uncomfortable and my body is acting weird which I can't control. I shared that even on vacation I was experiencing too many panic moments and heavy heartbeats. It was awful and I still study what's up with me or my system.
One thing I can openly talk about is my lack of movement right now.
I used to be a runner who goes running 4 days a week... this is not happening the last months.... I was moving, getting more work tasks, and trying to enjoy summer. My workouts were being postponed and I wasn't freaking out when I missed another workout session.
What I do feel is that my body is getting weaker and also I miss my outlet which ALWAYS helps me to feel better when I'm experiencing a low moment.

Having my heavy anxieties lately, I always went to bed thinking why I just don't workout and sweat the stress away.... I didn't do it and I can't tell you why.

This behavior needs to change and I feel motivated to start beast mode again to sweat, feel good, and cure my anxiety.

Matching the month, I am calling this challenge a spooky challenge, even though it's more the opposite. To start slow. I am doing a booty challenge which will definitely help us building a good foundation for other workouts you might do or add to have a full body effect.

Just like my last challenges, I am trusting my favorite workout instructor and her so efficient exercises.
I chose three videos which will be done every day!
No, actually not, because it's only a three, four, and five minute video... that means 12 minutes sweating and on Halloween, all your friends will be shocked and jealous!

Ready to sweat?
Need a little inspiration for fall?

Well, here we go!

Who's joining me?
Use the hashtag #spookybooty if you partipate and let's exchange how we feel!
I just can't wait to sweat it all out and enjoy this spooky season!

Trick or Treat, y'allz. We will see how this challenge will turn out ~