5:42 PM Since my first visit in the Big Apple, it was my dream to visit the MET museum. Due to my travels to NYC, people ask me often what museum is worth a see or a must stop when being in town... I had to laugh and tell them that I never went to a museum in NYC... no time, not my perfect exhibition selection... there were 100 reasons. 
8 years later, I finally made it happen. I spent 2 days at museums in NYC, walked around in great buildings, and enjoyed the most beautiful art. One highlight was the visit at the MET. 

There I was. I found myself walking more than 80 blocks up North to the most crowded and inviting stairs. The MET looks like a palace... a very royal and so elegant building. 
Many people were rushing in and out and I couldn't believe I would finally enter the mecca of art. My childhood me was screaming and shaking. 

I was extra excited, because I was too happy to see an exhibiton which was about Polynesian art: Atea - Nature and Divinity in Polynesia. 
I am intrigued to anything that deals with exotic Polynesia and its history (so much to learn, kids)

What can I say? The exhibition was better than expected. 
Such a great exhibition with great pieces and a climax which never ends, haha. I made sure to walk through the whole rooms as slow as I could. I wanted to soak it all in for forever. 
Well, to take some extra vibes with me, I made sure to film a little bit and also share bits with you who are not able to see it. 

The exhibition is still around, but only until the end of October! 
If you are in NYC now, please make sure to head to the MET! You want to see this! 

Get more info about the exhibition and some artists right here and now enjoy watching this short overview!