6:38 PM Oh yes, you read that right. This post is totally overdue and I am so excited to share simple addictions like this with y'all. 
I call this an addiction, because let's be honest - who's not in love with grocery shopping? 
Well, I am.

Especially when I am travelling, I am living for grocery and food stores. I love food and I love exploring what kind of products I can get outside of my little world. 

In NYC I have my special places to go to each time and I always look forward to check Instagram or food blogs to see what special products were just released at these locations, so I can cover myself with all the stuff, as well. 

I think one of the first supermarkets I fell in love with in NYC was Whole Foods. I guess this is a place where anyone who's not from the US is pretty shocked and obsessed then. 
The cleanest supermarket with its fruit and vegetables pyramids. Each produce looks like it has been taken care of for hours, because it's shiny and precious. Wanderin around, one gets lost having such a variety of nice and also healthy things! It's not the cheapest place... I know... but Whole Foods wins my heart more and more the often I go there. 
There are too many products to test while I am there, but I already found some intriguing things which I love to get myself each visit. 

Also now during my stay in NYC, I noticed how much stuff was on sale or that I was able to buy certain products cheaper than usual... looks like Whole Foods is offering high quality things also for affordable prices here and then. I cannot say anything negative this time. 
How could I? Again, I grabbed my favorite things and added a few new to my bag to see if I miss out on something special. 

I got in line. Checked out pretty happily and went back to my hotel. 

This is my first top 5 products I want to share with you. 
A little bit from every shelf.

1. Any kind of product from Vital Proteins!!! First of all Whole Foods got all their products for a very good price (also the singlets as you can see in the picture) and shipping all of this to Germany would make me poor! I always recommend buying protein powders and such in the US. Better products and such a good selection. 
2. A drink I was struggling to find in NYC: Rebbl. When I'm in the mood for a Rebbl drink, I rush to Whole Foods to get myself one or two. These drinks are the bomb!! I just tried their matcha flavor and this might be my new favorite drink next to their Reishi mocha or cold brew!
3. Just Water. Shopping in a green and healthy supermarket, I should buy my water in a sustainable packaging. I wanted to test Just Water for so long and now I am obessed with this. Very delicious water.... a review will follow soon! 
4. Since I am snacky af, I always need something around that satisfies me. This PB & J trail mix is sooo good and addictive!! Chocolate peanut butter cups, pretzels, peanuts, and some cranberries and strawberries. Snack time is my favorite, yo!
5. Lately, I am buying myself my own milk when I'm in NYC to not be tempted to run to Starbucks or other coffee houses. First of all, I can save a lot of money and I can create my favorite drink whenever I feel like it in my pjs inside my bed. I travel with my own matcha blend and a little whisk and with the right milk, I am the happiest. Malk's almond milk is the right milk for me! I am actually an oat milk obsessed being, but this milk here... creamy and rich. Oh boy. This is too good to be true! 

Do we share the same favorites?

Or what do you like to shop at Whole Foods? 

Let's see when I share the next top 5. 
I tested plenty of products so far and I can't wait to explore more! 
Time to take out your piece of paper and write your grocery list for next week, haha! 

Happy Sunday ~