7:34 PM I never cared about cellphones and technology in my life. To me it felt like a waste somehow, because ask anyone — you can never reach me, haha.
Since I was a kid, I was involved with anything that deals with Apple... Its design and it is "so innovative", okay... as long as my dad supports it, too, it must be real.
I own a lot of Apple products... but the iPhone never made me happy. Too many issues. software updates, and expensive battery exchanges.
I fought another 4 week battle with my very old iPhone 5 which went off after a minute of usage at 100% battery status and the software slowed everything down which wasn't fun.

I decided to make a major step and finally cut the chords. Doing something new and maybe unexpected...I'm ready for a change.
Again, I am not a fan of cellphones, but I knew I needed to get myself a phone now asap.

I needed to experience this journey...
Ok. And which one? Duhhh. I hate this game. 

While my close circle recommended me to go with Huawei or stay with Apple, I strictly went the opposite and decided to give Google a chance.

Plus let me admit here that money also played a big part. The Google pixel is really affordable, but still a chic alternative. I felt this was the right decision, no matter what.

I am already using Google mail for all of my business stuff and lately I started a few online classes which Google offers and day by day I am even more in love with the company. So there was actually nothing wrong to get the Google pixel...
I ordered it, it arrived a day earlier than expected and now we are here.

This phone is huge, but so sexy.
An easy approach and so much I can do. My phone is singing, telling jokes, and reading German poetry to me. 
But most importantly, my phone cares for me.
Who can say that?

I am a high supporter of being disconnected and taking weekends off my phone to stay zen and keep my balance. Less usage of certain apps and a steady bedtime routine without a phone. Google is actually all that.

After taking their online class on digital wellbeing, I was surprised to find the same name as an app on this phone. An app that creates my perfect wellness routine with a healthy take on technology. Do we really need that? Yes.

Starting with the basic control of how long one is using every app, one can very easily create the perfect daily schedule and routine. Activate the relaxation modus to enjoy all the benefits: night light in a warmer yellow tone that doesn't hurt your eyes, a pssst function where no one can annoy you by simply turning your phone with the screen to the table, and finally create your evening off time routine. Currently I am enjoying my relaxation modus from 9:30PM to 5:30AM. The phone is turning its colors into grey and one doesn't feel the urge to continue checking things. Once the alarm is set for the next day, Google is saying its bye-byes to you and plays some relaxing sounds which makes one faster falling asleep. 

My highlight would be my wake-up routine. Nature sounds wake me up and it feels like my phone is waking up together with me, preparing itself for a good day. Google is greeting me, telling me the time and the weather outside and thanks to my Gmail and Google calendar, my phone knows every single detail on where I have to be for that day.
For example, when t travelled to NYC, Google told me everything I needed to know! Two hours before taking-off, my screen showed me automatically which gate I needed to wait in... What a nice way to travel.

Less stress for me and I feel like I finally fall in love with technology. Google, you are my one and only wellness phone and oasis - hopefulIy for a longer time!

I can't wait to experience more with you and feel all the benefits from our special evening rituals.
So far, I am more than happy, more than zen.

Have you ever thought about your digital wellness a bit further? I would love to hear your thoughts on how you balance a healthy relationship with your cellphone!