9:23 PM After my trip to Cape Town, my whole relationship to water changed. A life-essential ressource which I take as a matter of course without wasting a thought. Why should I? Water is water? I see it everywhere around me...why should I think about my consume and how I treat it? It's essential for surviving. 

All of the above was a tough test in Africa - redefining my relationship with water. 
Travelling to Cape Town, I knew about their water crisis and I read a little bit about their Day Zero - the city will be running out of water in a couple of years. No more water, even though South Africa is known to be a water rich country... just think about Cape Town and all the blue around it... 

Being in Cape Town, I learned in a blink of an eye what it means to take care of water usage and how ignorant we actually are. 
I felt ashamed. 
But I learned pretty fast and tried my best to be good tourist and not play with the stuff which is rare or limted around. 

Day by day, I learned how it feels to live with fear or a kind of uncertanty, because you never know how fast the day comes where you wake up and all of a sudden the last drop of water has been used. 

Just like that.
And then what? 

Some weeks ago, I was watching the news which were focusing on Zimbabwe and their current water crisis. So many people were cut off without access to water... Another country which is suffering from a water crisis. And this is happening all around the world. 

While we are still living in the richest countries with the best luxurious things, we don't think about essential things like no more water. We don't even understand the plastic issue... we are too slow with everything or we love to procrastinate...because this is scary. 
As long as we haven't touched an issue like this, it seems to be super far away from us. Not my business. 

I think differently about that. 
And I hope you won't ignore these issues around you. 

Start by educating yourself. 
We are not prepared yet and we should know what kind of things could happen to us, too, the next couple of years. 

After this experience, I decided to treat water more humbly and gratefully. I am in love with water. I love mi oceans and I feel like I have a very special connection to it. It gives me life - literally
That's why I am saving as much water at home as I can. 

Check out some tips here: 
1. Instead of baths, take short showers (max. 5 minutes)
2. In the bathroom, install low-flow shower heads
3. Turn water off when brushing teeth and soaping hands
4. Load the dishwasher fully when you want to use it
5. Use one special bottle to refill with water and your drinks throughout the day, so you have less glasses to clean afterwards and you save more water. 
6. Put a bucket in the shower to collect water while you wait for the right temperature. Don't waste this water - use it for your plants afterwards. 
7. Don't flush the toilet always fully (depending on what you are doing...) 
8. Make sure to rethink laundry. Sometimes you don't need to throw a shirt right into the washing machine - use fabric spray to have more of your clothes and throw it into your washing machine once you feel like it's been too long and this piece of fabric did its job for now, not earlier (with this I mean earing a shirt for grocery shopping and then wash it). Plan your outfits and take care of them. 
9. Don't wash the dishes under running water - rather fill the sink and let the dishes soak in soap.
10. Use plants which require less water - hi cactus!

I guess there's even more we can do, but I believe that this is a very good beginning to take care and rethink our behavior!
For the planet.
And for us. 

Will you join me and take care of our dear water?