7:50 AM I am counting the days until I finally touchdown in the Big Apple again. Only a couple of days left and I will enjoy a beautiful summer at home with all kinds of pizza you can imagine! 
Of course there's more to discover and I am excited to test all the new things for you, so you can have the perfect NYC experience yourself! 

Thinking about what I will check out next, I had to think about a place which was really special to me the last time I was there! I am a matcha freak and I have to admit, as soon as a product screams matcha, I am the first one who's buying it! 
That's why I was more than excited to see and check out this place which only cares about matcha - Matchaful

A dream place for all the matcha nerds and everyone who's ready for their first matcha experience!

A peaceful and such a chic hangout spot which follows the motto: matcha everywhere. A deep green invites you to order all kinds of matcha creations. I was curious to try their matcha chai tea which is infused with reishi mushroom (totally my thing). 
The girl who made my drink was really sweet explaining me some things about Matchaful's matcha and I loved watching her how carefree and in slow, but mindful motion she was whisking my matcha drink (yes, it was really taking forever to get my drink... but I was patient. Maybe that's their philosophy). 

The day I went to Matchaful, NYC was super stormy and the weather just screamed for a hot and comforting beverage. This drink literally saved my life that day. 
I left the spot and hiked uptown. Holding it very close it was super warming for my hands and body and the smell was something I never smelled before
The idea of mixing two awesome drinks into one hit me hard - just like my first sip. This drink was delicious and so rich! Creamy and you can definitely taste a "spicy" or very warm note of chai flavor mixed with a very green matcha! What an experience!

Next to chai creations, you can also get the normal matcha experience of course, but also drinks with a focus on vanilla, cacao, or seasonal creations with tahini for example. Also what I love about this place is that almost every drink is mixed with adaptogens and you can also add beauty stuff like collagen or CBD which also brings a heavy price along. A drink is about $8 - super insane, but reading the ingredients one can understand...

Matter of fact, I really enjoyed my chai machta experience and I recommd you to try one of their blends, too! 

Matchaful, 359 Canal St ($$)