15:10 PM Hey, did you miss me talking about shoes? Sexy sneakers which totally rock my world? I can't believe I am writing this, but currently, I think the stuff I am the least interested in are sneakers. Not that I don't love them anymore... I think my focus shifted a little bit.
Being sustainable and "working with the things I got", I feel like there is more important stuff to focus on than each sneaker release. 
I am still observing and admiring certain releases (if I catch them, haha)....

My current to-do is to minimize my shoe closet. Especially during my move now, I realized that I have too many, but so many of them seem to be decoration and not my big love that I'd love to wear 24/7.
Except one pair. 

My actual latest addition to my shoe collection is the adidas Samba Rose and I can't even explain how awesome this shoe is! 
Even my dad is happy - he wore the adidas Samba shoe when he was a young adult and laughed when he saw my pair which has an added plateau now. 

Simple design, but functionality to the fullest!
The color, a dream.
The comfort, a dream dream dream. 
The aesthetics...You are seeing it with your own eyes. 

I have never worn a shoe that is more comfortable than this! 
I was also lucky to get this shoe during sale...sooo next time I am seeing this baby on sale, I might just cover myself with this rockstar and slowly start to get rid of my other uncomfortable and annoying shoes. 

Keeping it simple.
Danke adidas ~ 

This is not only my summer fling, I think this is something for forever ❤️