4:19 PM Being on vacation right now, I noticed that I forgot one of my favorite and actually most important tools to calm down and relax super hard... I was more than pissed, haha. 

I am talking about my foam roll.

It's one of the first things I actually invested in when I started studying a healthier recreation and until today I am happy that this is a tool that can help me at any time and any day. 

Foam rolling might not sound intriguing to you, but let me tell you.... this is my wellness go-to. 
Usually, I take this with me on the air plane and just massage my back with it and help the blood circulation in my legs - it's a blessing.

Now that I travel without it, I really noticed how much I need and miss it... 
Okay, okay, what is so special about this now? 
Well, with a foam roller - a cylinder made of foam, one is able to massage your own muscles. It's a true miracle which relieves muscle tension and soreness. You might have heard about the technical term for this kind of process: self-myofascial release. This means that one applies pressure to certain areas of the body to help loosen up the muscles.

By rolling the foam roller across damaged muscles and sore body parts with a little pressure, the sore parts will be able to relax and return to their normal and healthy state. 

This leads to less pain and tightness. Bye bye soreness! I guess you know the sore feeling days after working out... you can prevent this with foam rolling!

Doing massages by myself feels weird.... but imagine how much benefits your body will get when you put some essential oil on your body and enjoy a spa moment with a little pressure that promises a smooth and easy recovery. 
I love this so much that I take it further than that. I take my foam roll to many places... 
I like my spa moments to happen anywhere and any time! 

Now let's check out how good this really is. 

1. Increased Blood Flow: Myofascial release via foam rolling exercises stretches and loosens muscles. By applying force to your muscles and connective tissue over time, blood is squeezed out and replaced by a flood of fresh blood.
2. Improved Movements: Better hydrated and looser muscles move past one another with less friction. This means that during a workout, movements are smoother and muscles are less likely to be pulled or damaged.
3. Better Range of Motion: Another related advantage to self-massage is the improved range of motion of properly stretched and lubricated muscles.
4. Decreased Injury Risk: As stated before, self-massage increases circulation throughout the body. Better circulation means a better range of motion and more effective body movements.
5. Decreased Recovery Time: Foam rolling is an effective means to draw blood to an injured area, but also decreases recovery time between workouts. This is especially true of foam rolling after a workout has been completed.

Time to take out your foam roll or even a tennis ball will work, too - whatever you got at home that can easily move on your body in a rolling movement! 
Turn on your favorite vibes and treat your body extra hard!