10:14 AM Seed cycling. You might have heard about it, maybe you saw it on some health websites... but did you inform yourself about it? 

I didn't care about this topic, because I never really understood what this should be about. I mean it doesn't sound sexy and I am not the biggest fan of seeds.... so I skipped this. 

After a research about how to keep my hormones in balance and make my period a nicer experience, I came across the term again. "Seed cycling may help balance hormones, lessen PMS symptoms, trigger a period, and help the release of certain hormones. Also it can help combat hormonal acne, fatigue, sleep issues."

Okay, and this means? To say it as simple as possible: there are certain seeds which benefit the body at a certain time of your menstrual cycle. With the help of containing vitamins and nutrients, the body is getting some extra support to produce and release hormones. 

Adding seeds to your nutrition won't make the symptoms go away, but it can help making PMS be less horrible.

I know that there are many people out there who suffer every month and without medication, this is something they can not go through by themselves. 
I am always affected by stress, so trying something that can naturally help me soothing my body and keep my hormones balanced, I knew I wanted to try it. 

Check out your pantry or hit the grocery store really quick. 


Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. 

Flax seeds: contain lignans, which help to bind excess estrogen so it can be eliminated from the body. 
Pumpkin seeds: high in zinc which support progesterone.
Sunflower seeds: high in selenium which is good for hormone balance.
Sesame seeds: contain lignans to block excess estrogen. 

DAYS 1-13: first day of your period. eat 1 tablespoon of flax seeds or pumpkin seeds to boost estrogen.

Days 1-13 are your menstrual and follicular phases. Day 1 of your cycle is considered the first day of your menstrual cycle, when you start bleeding. Flax and pumpkin seeds may boost estrogen which helps support these phases.

DAYS 14-28: eat 1 tablespoon of sesame seeds or sunflower seeds to boost progesterone. 

Days 14-28 are your ovulation and luteal phases, which is when your body is looking for a progesterone boost.

Sounds good - now the real talk. 

Is this really working?
Let me tell you that I am doing this now for over 6 months... so far, I feel like it's doing a great job in helping my body feeling more balanced. I have to admit that in the beginning I was hoping that this takes a lot of pain and annoying symptoms away, but I realized fast that I also need to take care of so many other things. Seed cycling alone is not the cure!!!! We need to eat healthy, work out, and try to let go of stress. When we are balanced and more zen, I feel like the seed cycling is a great supporting system! 
What happens when you forget to take your seeds?
Especially when I'm on vacation, I tend to forget to take my daily tablespoon. Hectic days also make me forget to take my dosis... but I don't freak out then. I just continue my day and the next meal will have a little seed portion in it. It doesn't really throw me off, so just keep cool if you forget your dosis. 
I don't like eating raw seeds...ugh.
Same. I got you. I actually like roasted sunflower seeds in my salad. But other than that, I am not a fan of snacking seeds on the go or such. So what I do is creating snacks or treats where I don't realize I am eating healthy seeds. For example: breakfast loafs, power balls, snacking bars, cookies... 
Sometimes, when I am more than lazy and I don't mind the seeds, I also throw them into my yogurt and add some granola. Super basic, but the fastest way to consume them. Another trick is to either way grind them as fine as you can to not taste their profile, or you blend them creamy and enjoy them as a kind of nut butter: like sunflower butter or tahini. It's all working out...
How am I doing it? 
I actually shared my stuff above. I like to eat flax seeds during phase 1 and sunflower seeds during phase 2. Flax seeds don't taste like anything, so I highly celebrate them. I also eat flax seeds for a couple of years already, since I read in "How Not To Die" that flax seeds every day can change your life or at least your health forever. The sunflower seeds are very often a problem... I have to be honest. I don't want to eat salad all the time and roast the seeds (it takes forever....). So what I am currently trying is to include it into sweet baking or eating it as a nut butter. This is working quiet ok. But still, I have days where I forget about it or during my cycle I feel that all my symptoms are worse. That's why I have to take care of my anxiety attacks and do a lot of self-care. Only with a balanced lifestyle, I feel like it's easier for me to do seed cycling then. It's a part of taking care of myself. 

So this is my small introduction to seed cycling. 
If you are interested I can share some recipes in the near future which help you enjoy seeds more and have regular seed cycle without stress or annoying seedy tastes. 
It sounds hard in the beginning and I admit that this is something really different. But once you find your groove and you know how you like to eat and enjoy your seeds, this is getting easier for you then. 
Find out which seed fits better to your lifestyle and taste and test it yourself. 

Share experiences with me or ask further question if you feel like you need extra help or advice! ~ 


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